Marketing Research Plan Research Paper

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Marketing Research Plan

The objective of this work is to prepare a research plan to gather basic information for a multichannel marketer of men's clothing. Presently the marketer has a database of 250,000 current customers who have completed purchases in the last 12 months with an average order of $120.00. This work will address the customers, competitive customers and customers that use individual as well as multiple channels for their purchases. The Marketing Research plan will contain a statement technique best suited to meet these objectives.

Market Research

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Market research is the process of gaining information about the market and this information is specific and includes the primary factors that affect the customer purchase decisions. Primary Market Research may occur through various types of information gathering including: (1) focus group discussions; (2) customer surveys including existing and potential customers; and (3) the competition. (, 2010) Market research may also be derived from secondary sources which includes: (1) trade associations; (2) small Business Administration; (3) Service Corp of Retired Engineers; (4) U.S. Bureau of Census; (5) educational resources; (6) Chambers of Commerce; and (6) market research firms. (, 2010) The Marketing Control Process consists of four specific steps which are those of: (1) development of marketing aims and objectives; (2) planned or budgeted performance expectations; (3) Measurement of performance; and (4) determination of adaptations and corrective actions. (Lewington, 1996)

II. Technique Utilized in Market Research Plan -- Customer Surveys

TOPIC: Research Paper on Marketing Research Plan the Objective of This Assignment

The technique chosen for the market research plan in this study is that of customer surveys which will be appropriately utilized to gain information about the customers and their purchasing habits, the competition, and the other various channels utilized by customers for their purchases. The marketing research plan involves specific objectives which include those as follows: (1) the marketing research plan should be measurable in quantitative terms, such as number of visitors, sales volume, etc.; (2) the marketing research plan should be framed within a specific time period; and (3) the marketing research plan should be outcome based. (Meel and Romans, 2010)

Meel and Romans (2010) write that database marketing is a process that involves the identification, collection and analysis of "significant information from all sources, internal and external, about your customers, leads and prospects to drive strategic marketing and sales decisions." Database marketing begins with organization of customer information into a retrieval marketing database which is "compiled from internal sources, such as orders, catalog inquiries, email requests for information, trade show leads, warranty cards, and other promotional efforts. It is not enough just to build a database of names and add external demographic information." (Meel and Romans, 2010)

Database marketing has as its primary goal the increase of "the profitability of the marketing investment." ((Meel and Romans, 2010) Four primary reasons for implementation of database marketing are: (1) to improve profitability; (2) to increase sales; (3) to improve communications with customers; and (4) to improve product development. ((Meel and Romans, 2010) Database marketing can be used for the purpose of: (1) designing targeted… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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