Marketing Strategies of Kate Spade Term Paper

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They also use this website to update the customers on the sales promotions that may be in season and for how long they run. Within the website there is the direct customer feedback section that clients use to write to the company and in this manner the company gets to know of the thoughts and concerns of the customers in the community. The interactive nature of the website helps in improving the effectiveness of the brand marketing in the competitive sector of the fashion industry.

The large number of followers is likely to generate a large number of feedback and in this manner the company gets to hear from customers and know which brand is doing well and which one is failing in the market and in this manner the company or the concerned line manager can take necessary steps to correct the trend to a profitable direction. The brand has developed a trend of using well known celebrities and models to endorse their products in the bid to stand out and garner as wide as possible visibility in the crowded market. The brand also gets a boost in all interviews and shows that the brand ambassadors happen to appear in all with the possible effect of attracting large following and dominating more market.

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Kate and Spade has also gotten to the trend of fusing entertainment and fashion in a manner that the entertainment driven content helps to propagate the brand to a wider audience who may be interested in the entertainment industry. This is a suitable strategy that has seen the brand gain acceptance among fans of various genres of entertainment. Ideally, the Kate Spade brands are primarily displayed as chic and fun hence blending in well with the entertainment driven marketing strategy (Sniley M., (2018).

Sociocultural Influences on Consumer Behavior

Term Paper on Marketing Strategies of Kate Spade Assignment

Most companies that deal in consumable merchandise and fashion often seek to form a loyal brand community around their products. One such example is the Apple brands that have successfully marshaled an ever expanding loyal brand community around their various products. Such companies form socio-cultural influences trough varied approaches and enticements that they know are irresistible to their clients like exclusivity and belonging to a class as used by Apple.

In the case of Kate Spade, what makes it stand out among other brands is the fact that they have successfully formed an authentic persona. They have portrayed the Kate Spade girl as one who lives a fulfilled life, adventurous life and one filled with travelling, books and art. They have successfully portrayed the Kate Spade girl as one who is independent, playful, witty and strong and all that the various lines under the Kate Spade brings forth to the market must conform to these cultural definitions of the company. It is true that many brands have been seen to specifically target women and cater for their needs as fun loving women, but the Kate Spade brand has been formatted to give women a unique voice through its socio-cultural influences it has on the same women.

The culture and message this brand carries is always one of women who come to New York to look for a better life, women who might have been down trodden and broken before, but those with valid dreams and the ultimate reach for the dreams that brought them to New York, that is the message that Kate Spade caries all along in their brands and products. Whenever the company creates products and comes up with the marketing campaigns for these products, they always keep in mind the story and dreams of the Kate Spade woman.

The company is also in stride with the consumer behavior and targets these behaviors to promote their brand visibility. For instance, Kate Spade has ventured into the now budding retail marketing trend in the fashion industry, the fashion films. This is a digression from the hitherto traditional print and promotional materials as a way of advertisement. The contemporary brands now create mini movies that can be bought that tell stories and are meant to redirect consumer behavior towards shopping for their products. In the case of Kate Spade, they have created a series referred to as the “Missadventure series”.

The series give stories of ordinary women going about their business in the regular family settings and then they bring in the apparels and handbags into the plot of the story and eventually these clothes come in handy to give a solution to an ordinary and common challenge that the lady in the cast or the community within which she is acting may be facing. Such films act to help the customers memorize the Kate Spade products and easily identify them as well hence they get conditioned to buying them. The company also realized that many younger Americans are more accustomed to watching movies hence using a medium that they currently identify with more easily is an easy way of presenting the company products through an agreeable means to the target clients. Having millions of visitors on their website, Kate Spade further hosts these videos on their websites for the visitors to have a chance of watching them. In as much as the films may be costly to make, the publicity that they attract and followership is worth the venture, indeed it is estimated that the first four videos of this nature attracted more than 7.5 million views on their website which is a significantly wide potential customer base.

Kate spade is also known to use in a consistent manner their brand voice across variety f social media platforms. It has created thematic boards on handbags, gift guides, wedding parties as well as colors particularly on pinterest which is seen as the best platform for posting their products and fashion inspiration. They also have twitter account as a means of aligning their products with the likes and values of their consumers and their behavior. In these twitter post Kate Spade appends captions that portray personal voice but devoid of being an actual individual, they tweet about their latest campaigns and products but the voice of the brand is maintained. The instagram of the company is also active and hosts photos that are a perfect match to the brand’s aesthetics accompanied by the inspirational quotes that targets the customer base. The company has learned the behavior and thought process of their customers hence they know how o come up with natural and genuine messages as opposed to profit-oriented PR copies that are used by other organizations.

This understanding of the socio-cultural trends and the behavior of their customers helps not only t update their customers on the new products and pass on the inspirations of the brand but also to have the consistent branded experience across social media.

Kate Spade is also known for capturing its customer base through creation of timeless fashion products that can be worn on a day to day basis. He Kate Spade’s runway shows are known to be peculiar and striking due to their cheerful atmosphere that is created through their models wearing the chic handbags and other fashionable items which are wearable on daily basis. The outfits that are created by Kate Spade are often described as fun, feminine and flirty with a touch of classic forms. Their products even on the runway are not just aesthetic but also practical and applicable in the daily lives. These are products of fashion that regular people can easily identify with and spend money on. This is one strong point of sales and marketing for the company. The brands are also not just for young adults in New York but also these are styles that working women, party girls, suburban housewives and the moms and teenagers can get what they like and suits their needs. This is a strong marketing point for the Kate Spade products. Their products always cater for the Kate Spade woman and those classy handbags and colourful heels are not only in line with the fashion industry but also subscribes to the quirky style of the brand.

The timeless fashion helps augment for the slightly pricy bags and heels, however their products are known to be significantly cheaper than the other luxury brands like Chanel and Gucci hence those who cannot afford these high end fashions will take up Kate Spade as a suitable alternative.

As a way of maintaining their identity in the advertisement world, Kate Spade has been known to consistently create advertisements with a lot of colors and pomp. The Kate Spade woman is known to love vibrant patterns and prints hence the company adopts the whimsical style in their advertisements. These advertisements feature ordinary women leading busy lives filled with adventure which is a reflection of what Kate Spade woman is all… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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