Marriage Coaching Movie Review

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Marriage Coaching

The movie Not Easily Broken is a master piece in the art of marriage counseling. The movie is based on young couples who love each other at the start and even conduct a church wedding and at the initial time, all they wanted to see is the mate. This however changes when other commitments like the job schedule for the wife and the sports training schedule for the man (David Johnson) fail to give each of them time to be with each other, even though they both want to be with each other. Things get worse when Mrs. Johnson breaks a leg in an accident occasioned by their very arguments and her mother moves into their home to take care of her. The mother-in-law becomes the biggest barrier to the communication between the man and wife hence driving them further apart. The situation depreciates so badly that at last the man seems to find consolation from another single woman and the sports he is a coach at and not the wife. Eventually he is evicted from the house under the influence of the mother-in-law. Mrs. Johnson at last decides to salvage her marriage and realizing that her mother was a bad influence, she relieves her off their home and decides to call back the husband, and the situation turns around totally.

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Anyone who has not seen the movie will definitely have to look for the clues on the importance of understanding the interpersonal communication in a marriage as well as the non-verbal cues that partners could be using for communication yet largely ignored for instance Mrs. Johnson stopping his husband from kissing him because she just had some makeup. There will also be need to look out for the external interference in a marriage and how such interference is capable of having a negative impact on the stability of a marriage. These are the two aspects that need further reflection as well for anyone in a marriage union or are aspiring to get to the institution of marriage with success.

Movie Review on Marriage Coaching Assignment

There are various therapeutic values that are observed and are worth learning in the movies. There are several scenes of emotional outburst that becomes therapeutic to the characters and makes them think seriously about their next step after the outburst. For instance after… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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