Marriage Involves a Natural, Indissoluble Union Essay

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Marriage involves a natural, indissoluble union which is perfected by the sacrament between one man and one woman that is directed towards the purpose of the preservation of the human race through the generation and bringing up of is also ordered for mutual help of spouses as well as remedy for sexual desires. The marriage institution has been constantly undergoing evolution with same sex marriages and polygamy being a common trend in marriages today.

The purpose of marriage in America today is for companionship. Most of the people get into marriages so that they can get companionship from their spouses. The married couples live together and spend a lot of their time together. Couples are seen going out for shopping, going for movies, playing games and virtually doing everything in the company of each other. This means that the purpose of marriage in the U.S. society today is getting the company of another person (Goleman, 1992). This has led to same sex marriages being common since some people get better company from members of their same gender. That is why there are many marriages coming up that involve a man and another man and a woman and another woman. This same purpose has led to an increase in the number of divorce cases .this is because some people might feel as though they are comfortable in their marriage since their partner does not offer the companionship they desire. This leads to divorce so that people can go out there and look for a person they feel is giving them better companyDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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Another purpose of marriage in the U.S. today is the formation of stable institutions where children can be brought up under the guidance of parents. Children who are born within a marriage get appropriate guidance when it comes to discipline. Marriage has reduced the number of juvenile cases since the parents offer appropriate guidance to prevent them from engaging in criminal activities. Marriage gives children a proper background with set up moral standards hence these children will not be of any bother top the society.

The purpose of marriage today differs considerably with that in the past. The primary purpose of marriage in the past was procreation. People went into marriages so that they could get children for the continuity of their generations. This explains why in instances where a couple could not get children another wife was married so that they could be able to get children in that family. This is quite different from marriages today for instance in the case of same sex marriages they do not necessarily purpose to get children (Magnus Hirschfield Archive for sexology, 2010). Such couples adopt a child if and when it is necessary otherwise most same sex marriages do not lead to child the past another primary purpose of marriage was bringing tow families together. People got married so that they could strengthen ties between two families that have come together. This is quite different today in that marriage is mostly between the two partners and is not a family affair like it used to be in the past. There are even partners today who get marriage and little or no contact is kept between the two families (Stone, 2004).

Marriages today have an important role to play when it comes to the society and it members. This is because in marriages children are instilled with discipline hence the society is free from any misbehavior from the same time marriages help reduce immorality in the society since partners have each other to fulfill their sexual desires hence there will be reduced prostitution in the society.

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