Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Research Paper

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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia MSO

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia or MSO as it is widely known is a Company founded by Martha Stewart. The merchandising and diversified media company operates in a number of segments including Merchandising, Internet, Broadcasting as well as Publishing.

MSO Earlier Success: Leadership Patterns

It is important to note that the earlier success of MSO can be attributed to a number of leadership patterns. According to Weaver (2011), Martha Stewart who was at the helm of MSO then, is a business leader who is known to have a number of distinct leadership qualities as well as characteristics. Hence in this regard, it is a combination of her leadership approaches that saw MSO become so successful. Autocratic leadership is Martha Stewart's most visible leadership style. Lussier & Achua (2009) describe autocratic leadership approach as an instance where the entire decision making process is left to a single leader. In the case of MSO, its empire was founded on an unwavering personal attention given to each and every detail by its founder, Martha Stewart. Given her demand for tangible results in regard to divisional performance, executives of the company's various segments were under constant pressure to deliver. This is what saw the organization to perform well even in industries that were seen to be legally competitive i.e. The entertainment industry.

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Research Paper on Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Assignment

One of the factors that may have played a key role in enhancing the success of MSO is brand personification. According to Sengupta (2005), brand personification could go a long way to make or break a brand. In the case of MSO, this could have in one way or the other helped people identify more with the brands offered by the organization-based partly on the high profile of Martha Stewart. Secondly, apart from leadership practices, MSO could have benefited from strategic partnerships that further went a long way to enhance its visibility in the marketplace. This could be illustrated by the Apprentice program featuring Martha Stewart where the company's products as well as services were prominently displayed throughout the show.

Leadership Approaches during Periods of Success and Crisis

It is important to note that the effectiveness of leaders is largely dependent on the situation. During… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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