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[. . .] It is filled with a sense of hope and positivity.

The song is an exhibition of Lennon's anti-religion beliefs.

It is mainly about peace and getting people to realize that religious, political, regional differences don't hide the fact that we all are humans and that we have the same needs and wants and desires.

He targets evils like discrimination, selfishness, greed and calls for their extermination.

A very unhealthy perspective is his idea that religion is the cause of most unrest in the world. The youth should not be exposed to such ideas.


The song is simple, and very soothing.

Its mood is serene and slow, so much that it can calm people down.

It also invites or rather invokes reflection in the listener.


To bring peace, prosperity and harmony to the world it is necessary to take down religious, racial, political barriers.

Human beings need to become unselfish and giving.


People are not always bad the circumstances make them react in that way.

The white police officer kills black youth in self-defense but at the start of the movie he was the one stopping the ill-treatment of the black couple.

Discrimination and racism is not limited to any race, all humans commit acts of bias or prejudice at some point in life.

Human beings have a great propensity to make errors.

The characters learn to move beyond personal bias and accept each other . The misbehaving police officer saves the life of the black woman.

They repent their hateful actions and go through self reformation.


The is a story of several characters and shows how their lives intermingle in a short period of 36 hours. Thus the plot and the name of the movie are clear indications of its hectic pace and frantic mood of chaos and emergency.

The movie has an extremely serious tone and a viewer can't help but leave the theatre with a thoughtful look and serious introspection going on inside.


Equality and justice are at the fore front of the tale.

Redemption and introspection appear in the case of the two police men.

Self-analysis and its importance to achievement of a mature, peaceful world.

Being tolerant and accepting of differences helps ensure peace.

Forgiveness. People need to forgive each other and themselves for such acts.

To err is human and to forgive is divine.

How were the conclusions regarding Theme, Mood and Interpretation of the Work?

The meaning was ascertained from reading about the three art works.

Some knowledge of the back ground of discrimination in U.S. helped in forming conclusions.

The understanding of the Mood comes from the analysis of content and Language used: humor, sarcasm lead to the idea that mood is light and friendly.

the theme were derived from analysis of life and missions of the author, poet and screen writer.

They the creators philosophy.

like when Lennon says there is no heaven, hell and 'no religion' he is alluding to his atheism.

The phrases 'living life in peace', 'will live as one' give a sense of hope.

The tune, vocabulary and topic help decide the mood .

The end of the characters shows clearly what the writer had wanted to portray in the movie.


King and Lennon both have used a soft tone.

They are both following King's doctrine of peaceful protest.

They do this because their aim was similar: to make people realize their mistake, their inherent flaws.

They both want people to reflect on their actions, analyze themselves.

King's Letter & Lennon's Song


The difference is in form and the use of language.

Since Lennon wanted the layman to grasp what he was saying so he has used a simple melody, simple language.

King was trying to convince educated people of his views so he used complex vocabulary and devices to lend support to his views.

He uses a lot of literary devices: repetition, allusions, rhetoric etc.

Lennon states his beliefs

King uses sarcasm, humor and irony to impress readers.

King talks about the past

Lennon talks of a bright future.

Malcolm X another black fighting for freedom

An image of Heaven

Black Protestors calling for a ban on Racism

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All three pinpoint the same evils: discrimination, injustice etc.

They get their audience to see that all human beings are like them.

King's letter and Crash attempt to explain the problems of their opponents to their audience.

Crash wants everyone to realize that like they have issues that mold their character, other have similar issues.

Crash like Imagine is for the masses and easy to understand.

They leave the audience with a lot to think about. Feelings of guilt, regret, shame and compassion for all.

Lennon Perform's Live

King with the American Flag and national symbol - the Bald Eagle. It shows an America belonging as much to Blacks as Whites.

(,2012), 2012


Unlike the other two Crash begins and ends with a bang.

It is an intense explosion of emotions and feelings with neatly written pointed dialogues and easy to understand

Like King uses sarcasm, Crash uses shock to try wake up the audiences imagine gives birth to general thinking. For the whites of Alabama King's letter and for the world audience 'Crash' lead to self-analysis.

Crash vs. The Letter and Imagine

How the similarities and differences enhance understanding?

The similarity of idea helps see how each handles the theme in different ways.

The disparities help us compare them together which leads to analysis of which one is more accurate.

It is based on real life and explains what was actually happening to the black population of Birmingham.

It shows the bias and prejudice and sense of superiority inherent in the White population.

A Letter from Birmingham Jail


It's negation of religion is showing the absence of faith from the society

With Absence of faith comes absence of morals which leads to chaos and loss of peace.

It also shows that poets and artists are tired of the human conditions and are searching for idealistic situations.

The reaction of the black couple to harassment is true reflection of the thought process of the society.

The movie depicts the speedy, chaotic and hectic life of humans today.

It shows very correctly that people blame others for their problems

They generalize, if one black hurt them, they form an opinion about the entire race, forget they are also humans only remember them as belonging to the cliche 'black'.

They blame all blacks for something only one did.



Our Profession requires patience, tolerance, love and care for all individuals that are under our care, something all three talk about.

The movie, song and literature teaches us to be tolerant in all situations.

They advocate self-analysis which can help nurses improve performance.

Our job is to give comfort, peace and that is what all of three of them preach.


They should adopt the soft tone of King and the simplicity of Lennon plus the honesty of crash.

Nurses Performing their duties

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Nursing is a demanding profession, a tiring job and we may not be in our best mood or behavior at all times.

Humanities helps us see our lives, actions, attitudes in a better light.

For example, the introspection initiated by Crash we help nurses realize how a single unkind word or neglect of duty may destroy a life or hurt another human. It makes us improve our selves.

they tell us that patience, tolerance, love and kindness will lead the world to better future, and nurses can contribute to that immensely.

they teach that we should leave our personal bias behind and treat all patients equally. They make us realize that all patients are only human beings, not black, white, Arab or Jew. Our job is to serve all equally.

The three art forms talk about the importance of peace, kindness, equality and tolerance in the world.

Each in their own presents a formula for how life could be made happy and tranquil.

Imagine asks to let go of materialism, nursing is about serving humanity not just making money. Mother Teresa and Florence nightingale are great examples of selflessness they explain that everyone is equal and discrimination is a crime.

They show that all of us make mistakes so all mistakes should be judged according to its nature not the color of the person's skin.

A nurses job is to make patients feel welcome, cared for and comfortable. For this she or he needs to be unprejudiced and tolerant.

Even when a nurse is confronted with some one who caused them hurt, it is their duty to forgive and do their duty without prejudice.

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