Martin Luther King Junior Term Paper

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As he died, the non-violent movement appeared to dwindle away without him, which deepened the sense that he was, in fact, the movement essential leader. King's leadership, on the other hand, has never been out of the limelight due to the inroads he was able to make for the African-American community (Jackson, 2006).

This recognition that King's non-violent approach only agreed to be one inclination inside a bigger movement - which is that he was produced through the movement, instead of being the creator from it - has turned into a staple of latest scholarship. It wasn't King but numerous supporting local leaders, for example, who planned the famous Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 (Jackson, 2006).

In conclusion, independently, King's supporters understood that non-violence wasn't an outlook everybody shared, and once a follower amused King by telling him of the methods of one black Virginian who had taken care of a whitened bus driver who wanted him to go in his bus through the back door. An enormous figure, the guy grabbed the bus driver by his collar and spoke candidly that the bus driver should know a couple of things: 1) he can break the driver's neck without flinching and 2) he was not one of "Martin Luther King's non-violent Negroes" (Ling, 2003).


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Term Paper on Martin Luther King Junior -- Assignment

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