Marx and Hitler Term Paper

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Marx & Hitler

The easiest way to explain the concept of dialectic would probably be as change, movement reversal. All these would in turn lead to the upset of a current system and its reversal and transformation into a different one. Understanding the concept of dialectic would help someone understand the Communist Manifesto because Communism is all about completely changing the natural and social order of the society, while the Communist Manifesto was the introductory material that put the theoretical basis for this and set everything in motion.

The aim of a Communist would have been, at least reportedly in its incipient stages and up to the actual implementation of the Communist in one country notion and Stalin, to reverse the existing social order and place all means of production in the hands of the proletariat. Politically, leadership would be ensured by a dictatorship of the proletariat, which would regulate all the economic inputs and outputs, set the society norms etc. The final goal would have been a society with no social or economic classes to differentiate individuals. Since this would have been a complete reversal of existing status, Dialectic would have made the concept of huge change easier to understand in time.

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It is quite simple to show why the concept gained so much support later on. The Industrial Revolution was already reaching its peak during that point and the workers were poorly made, lived in slumps and had a difficult life. The idea that something would come and simply reverse the entire current state of affairs was naturally attractive to the poorer blankets of the population, where the movement gained its strongest support.

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