Marxian Critique of Capitalism Focuses Essay

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Communism artificially sets prices regardless of demand and fluctuations in the cost of production.

21. Rewards

Capitalism posits that people should be rewarded for their hard work according to how much others are willing to pay for the product created by that work - that the desire for gain will drive the economy. There are no guarantees under capitalism. You must support yourself, therefore you must produce quality products or services if you want to make a good living and get the goodies. Communism says that all people should be rewarded roughly the same and that if people have no worries about housing, food or medical care, their natural altruism will drive them to do their share to produce quality products, to work hard and to do their best for the greater good.

22. Capitalism Empowers Choice

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Capitalism allows you to make choices for yourself. Capitalism creates a sort of contract that allows people to offer a good or service (their choice) and allows you to use or forgo the offered good or service (your choice). It also allows people to choose how much risk they want to take in offering their product or service. Further, capitalism is a friend to the poor. In a capitalist society, the poor are not forced to remain poor. The poor are given the same property rights, laws, market competition and entrepreneurial spirit as the rich. They are free to compete, whether the competition is difficult or easy, to improve their lifestyles and that of their families. With capitalism, the rich person and the poor person are equals, both in rights and in opportunity.

23. Capitalism enhances innovation

Essay on Marxian Critique of Capitalism Focuses Assignment

Capitalism relies on good ideas or products to succeed. The capitalist figures out what people want or need to purchase, then devises the most efficient way to manufacture and distribute that product. Henry Ford, for example, developed the assembly-line manufacture of automobiles. He, as the creator, benefited greatly from being able to produce more cars. However, he was also able to hire an increasing number of people at a good wage, and was also able to produce cars at a better price. More people had jobs, and more people were able to buy a reasonably priced automobile. The same is true for those who developed many of the medicines and vaccines people use, which certainly enhance our quality and quantity of life, not to mention people who created what were once luxury items, such as refrigerators and radios.

24. Capitalism Eliminates Bad Ideas

In capitalism best work is done to produce the effective good if any worker has some bad idea then idea will be properly judged if idea or method is bad that is creating problems in producing goods then it will be eliminated quickly. If your idea is good one then you will be rewarded for your efforts and worker will get incentive. It will not be used in production. In capitalism no attention is given in this to judge who is wrong or bad.

Capitalism is better and for the benefit of society. Communism enslaves each individual to the community. Capitalism allows each individual to be free and independent. Communism never makes progress because individuals are not given a just reward for improving things, while capitalism constantly improves. Communism lacks the economic freedom of choice to the fullest extent possible, in Capitalism people are free to choose what they want. Communism gives the lazy as much as the hard working, while capitalism allows each individual to sell their labor, creating a result where the hardest working are rewarded in accordance to how hard they work. In capitalism each person is independent, in Communism each person is interdependent, and interdependence is a form of slavery. In communism people work where the central Government tells them to, while in capitalism they work where they want. Capitalism is the only system that can make effective use of the division of labor, capital accumulation, and corporate structure. No other economic or political system can generate the inter-action between these three essentials of economic life as well as capitalism. The reason is that these essentials function effectively when individuals are allowed to make their own value choices and to keep the fruit of their labor. They function erratically or not at all when governments attempt to control, for the benefit of thieves and charlatans, various aspects of this free-flowing system.

Statist governments are governments that use the philosophy of altruism to make war upon the individual and hence do not allow to each man the freedom to live his own life. Their systems are designed to control or manipulate the majority of individuals in favor of a few gangsters called government. The sluggish growth of these systems only reflects their policies. A capitalist system is the only system that provides the open door for man and for human progress because it gives to each man the incentive to live and to be rewarded for that living. It is a system where happiness is possible to the individual, where he can look forward to security and not to the drudgery of having his life squeezed out of him for the sake of some fat cat who happens to write the rules. Capitalism is the only system that opened up production and the ability to be productive to every citizen willing to work. Capitalism even provided, free of charge, the new machines that created the new jobs for the previously poor.

In capitalist countries, you decide what career you will follow, what business you will take up or how much education you will receive. These… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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