Maryland Labor Laws Introdcution Term Paper

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The final step in this human resources plan would require the employee relations department within the organization to accurately document and file all relative information to these issues. The many differing and complicated laws that are on the books demands solid bookkeeping and a well organized filing system. Constant updating of these files should be implemented and occasionally spot checking this process would serve the organization well in preventing an unwanted law suit surrounding a disabled worker.


This plan should be appealing to any human resources management office due to its simple approach to compliance. Not only does this plan address the current needs of the organization, it looks forward to preventing any future violations of these laws by placing emphasis on bookkeeping and continuing educational awareness.


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An organization stands to gain a competitive advantage by meeting both federal and local standards. Disabled employees that are treated not according to these standards may sue the organization causing a considerable amount of lost labor time and effort. Compliance to labor laws gives organizations competitive advantage by minimizing this risk. Additionally disabled employees have much to offer in the work place and the more an organization can hire, the more effectively the organization will operate.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Maryland Labor Laws Introdcution a Assignment

Each federal and state law that refers to disabled workers carries a unique punishment for those employers who fail to adhere to their standards. The cost of legal defense in these matters is quite expensive and very distracting. In today's society hiring disabled workers is almost mandatory and many organizations should expect to hire these types of workers. An organization's competitive advantage is at risk if they ignore the specifics of each of the federal and state regulations. Maltreatment of the disabled may cause alienation and a substantial loss of market share. In the short-term, organizations may lose business when focusing on human resource issues, but in the long-term it is a guarantee against lengthy and unfavorable punishments and law suits that can cripple a company's ability to do business ever again.

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