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[. . .] This also then sets a parameter in the minds of the contestants as well who conform or adhere to a certain styling or fashion sense, or at least one closest to it. Even though the drag balls was the one very successful outlet for the social minorities and misfits to express themselves, the division of the houses was again a restriction for most and called for a self-imposed structural standard.

Resisting, reiterating and dancing through: the swinging closet doors of Ellen DeGeneres's televised personalities by Candace Moore

The chapter highlights how Ellen DeGeneres in one celebrity who uses the media to consistently reiterate her own lesbian status in a subliminal way. The chapter is a discussion of how not talking directly about how she is a lesbian and instead using the medium of a dancing ritual in her show, she has managed to target and win over a very specific audience by being herself and focusing on the person that she is as opposed to the lifestyle that she has chosen for herself.

If we were to analyze the movie with regards to this chapter, the racial discrimination would again be the first aspect that comes to mind, specifically the white advertising tactics. As discussed earlier, all advertising revolved around the quality of the lifestyle that the whites followed without necessarily focusing on the choices that they made on a personal level. Constant reiteration of the quality and resistance of personal input was what influenced many of the minorities to feel like once they were able to accomplish a similar lifestyle and status could they regards themselves as successful community members.

This consistent reiteration of the quality of being as opposed to choices might be a logical approach for advertising; however, it does little good for a social structure as it disallows tolerance and growth. While the movie is proof of the fact that the American society shows a clear history of evolving from a single-minded intolerant group into one which rebels and continues to support individualism at different levels, it still is not good enough to be encouraging reiteration to the level that conformity gets accepted without realization of its promotion.

The anxieties of the enterprising self and the limits of the mind cure in the age of Oprah by Janice Peck

The chapter deals with the power of thoughts and projection of those thoughts into actions and one's lifestyle choices. The chapter begins with the focus being on the icon that is Oprah Winfrey. The chapter highlights how she has over the years been the voice that constantly refers to the power of the mind and one's thoughts to be the strongest and most important aspect of one's individual life. The chapter also highlights how she has been a living example of acting upon strong thoughts as opposed to the circumstances that one lives in and how she aims to teach that through the opening of the 'Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls' in South Africa.

A very good but somewhat subdued version of this very aspect was obvious in the movie as well. The scene shows a drag queen putting on make-up and talking about dreams. She moves from the dreams of becoming a star and one that influences the world to knowing that when she leaves, she will have made a difference to a smaller group of important people in her life, knowing that they will remember her, that they will be her legacy. She goes to say that 'you don't have to bend the whole world' but knowing that you will be remembered, that you were able to aim high and still attain your goals, even if your goals weren't to 'bend the world'. Yes, at first glance it would seen that they are both saying very different things but they fact is the both Oprah and the drag queen want individuals to dream their own dreams and conquer their own life as opposed to the world.

A good example of someone who conquered their own world is also present in the movie in the form of Venus Xtravagnaza. Even though she was a sex worker, which by most people's definitions is not aiming high in life, she dealt the best cards in her life according to what she believed was right. This particular aspect of her personality shines through the most in her memento video when another character talks about how she always went for what she wanted despite being a transsexual and never cared about what people perceived of her dreams. Furthermore, the clip personifies very simply what the drag queen was talking about. Venus did not 'bend the world', in fact she only had one friend who was able to recognize her dead body, but despite all of that, her character in the movie was the one that came across as the ones that lived a full life on her own terms. When looking at this particular chapter, the message is the same, to know what you want, to know it to be right within you and to go for it, not for the world but for yourself. It is exactly what both Oprah and the drag wueen were talking about.

There are bitches and hoes by Tricia Rose

This chapter deals specifically with the stereotyping of black women in the rap world. The chapter shows men to be the authoritarians and the women to be very submissive in nature towards the needs of the men. When analyzing the philosophies of the authoritarian man for the movie, the reference again has to be made to Venus Xtravaganza, a sex worker, as the one woman who defied all submissive depictions of women and lived her own life. In a scene when she is trying to seal a business deal with two black men, she shows her own power over them and says that 'you just can't take it & #8230; you are an overgrown orangutan'. This scene grew to be one of the most popular from the movie, partially because of the ever charming personality of Venus, and partially because it challenged and negated the dominance and authority of men over women, something that was common not only in the rap world but also in the social structure in general. The scene showed her to be the one dealing the cards and controlling the play and defies all hip-hop propaganda about all being 'bitches and hoes' who can be controlled and dominated.

From Tony the Tiger to Slime Time Live: the Content of Commercial Messages in Children's advertising by Juliet Schor

The one aspect of advertising and marketing that stood out at the completion of this chapter was that consumerism was no more one dimensional & #8230; the target market was expanding beyond the consumers who could pay for the products; instead it was including and focusing more so on the consumers who would "use" the products. The chapter focuses on the shift of marketing to the authoritarian parent to the ever-needy child, giving the credit to James McNeal, the pioneer of the shift in marketing approach. The entire era of the 1980s and 1990s saw the advertising being focused on the quality of the product i.e. The sweetness of the Jell-Os or the puddings and the healthiness of the cheese as opposed to the lowered price ranges or status signatures that these products brought with them. What this approach did was put all the power back in the hands of the children, and eventually giving them so much power that they were the ones calling the shots and the authoritarian roles of the mothers turned into submissive roles.

When we analyze the movie "Paris is Burning" with regards to the philosophies presented in this chapter, the one scenario that pops up in the mind immediately is when Venus Xtravaganza, who was one the featured characters in the movie as a sex worker, is talking to two guys about 'Reading' when the conversation is really about how the two guys don't understand her reasons for choosing to be a sex worker and how it has really served her better. She talks about the lack of open-mindedness of the two individuals which is where 'reading' is an interesting pun here. I say this as a personal interpretation as reading is something that can broaden the spectrum of possibilities, choices and flexibility when it comes to lifestyles. The fact that Venus refers to 'Reading' in the same scene as when she is explaining to two individuals that they need to open their mind and 'feel' the change can be very easily interpreted as an open call to everyone at the time to not only be open towards sex workers or sex change but also other issues that had been so vividly dealt… [END OF PREVIEW]

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