Research Proposal: Mass Media and Society

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Canada's Mission In Afghanistan

The goal of Canada's mission in Afghanistan can be summed up in one word -- security. With turmoil in the Middle East, Canada, as well as the rest of the Western world, is in danger. The conditions in Afghanistan are the perfect breeding ground for terrorists who would like to see nothing more than for the Western world to be brought to its knees. Whether this would be a strike against Christianity, capitalism, or perhaps it is simply a hatred that has been so inbred that, like the Hatfields and the McCoys, they simply hate because that is what their father before them felt, is left to be seen. No matter what the motivation, one thing is certain, as it stands, Afghanistan is a breeding ground for those groups who wish to harm the Western world. For this reason, Canada, as well as the world in general, needs to see the country transformed into a nation that doesn't tolerate this type of activity. Determining success, however, will be difficult.

Simply eradicating current terrorist groups from the country could be one measure of success. However, if the Afghani government is still willing to allow this type of activity to go on within its borders, it will only be a matter of time before these groups reestablish themselves. If history has provided no other lessons, it at the very least shows how tenacious these groups can be. Like lichen clinging to a rock, one tiny piece left in place can once again spread to even greater proportions, if the conditions are correct. Therefore, an appropriate measure would be the tolerance level of the government in Afghanistan, in conjunction with the eradication of terrorist groups. A strong, self-sufficient Afghani government that will work to eliminate any terrorist organizations that re-emerge in the future, would be a success. The likelihood of this success is dependent on a variety of factors.

Global support for this mission is critical to its success. Without the world behind Canada and the rest of the coalition forces, it will make an already difficult situation nearly impossible. If… [END OF PREVIEW]

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