Mass Transit Transportation Is Important for Long-Run Term Paper

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Mass transit transportation is important for long-run economic growth. For example, in many cities, the economic cost of the commuting time is huge. By lifting this issue, it would bring a significant improvement in the economy's efficiency.

From there, it is apparent that the economic and military power of a nation has been closely tied to efficient methods of transportation. Transportation provides access to natural resources and promotes trade. This allows a nation to gain wealth and power. "The movement of people within urban areas using group travel technologies such as buses and trains. The essential feature of mass transportation is that many people are carried in the same vehicle (e.g., buses) or collection of attached vehicles (trains). This makes it possible to move people in the same travel corridor with greater efficiency, which can lead to lower costs to carry each load" (Encyclopedia Britannica). Transportation also allows the movement of soldiers, equipment, and supplies so that a nation can wage war. Furthermore, it has become apparent that reliable transportation allows a population to expand throughout a country's territory and to live comfortably.

Mass Transit

Every weekday, Metro handles some 725,000 trips in the D.C. area. Close to half of all Washingtonians commute via public transit, along with over a quarter of those in D.C.'s inner suburbs. As a result, transportation emissions per capita are well below the national average. A look at CO2 emissions (PDF) from transportation reveals that a resident of the District of Columbia will emit about a third as much as the average American. This is failure" (Avent 2007).

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From there, it is clear that mass transit may be cheaper for people because electric sensors may cause higher fees for drivers, which supports the use of its transportation.

Congestion pricing isn't specifically in the plan but might also come under consideration, according to Pisano. The idea, which I support despite the obvious threat to my life and limbs, is to use electronic sensors to charge fees that are highest for drivers who hit the road when traffic is worst" (Lopez 2007).


TOPIC: Term Paper on Mass Transit Transportation Is Important for Long-Run Assignment

In the argument for mass transit, the argument for the TxDOT did not take them long to shake off the legislative session. From there, they resumed their headlong rush in order to use every available loophole and exception. They also used the remaining authority to build toll roads and grant toll road concession. TxDOT is now moving even more quickly rather than acknowledging the concerns of the people and their legislature. It is more than obvious that the Commission and TxDOT are taking full advantage of the legislature's failure to restrain their action. Unfortunately, the fear is that they will attempt to do the same with the Trans Texas Corridor. and, of course they will because they can (Trans).

Rail passenger transportation in the United States is principally conducted within urban areas and cities by urban mass transit systems. While these systems also have evolved from private to public ownership, they must contend with traffic congestion that is endemic to large urban areas. This problem is dealt with in many large cities by burying the track and stations, creating a subway or track (Encyclopedia Britannica).

The Trans Texas Corridor is transportation that leverages the resources of the private sector to build roads faster, cheaper and with fewer taxpayer dollars spent up front for construction (Future Trans).

From there, this is state-wide system that has new and existing highways, railways, and utility rights-of-way. The network furnished different lanes for passenger and truck traffic, freight and high-speed commuter railways. From there, over the next 50 years, TXDOT and Cintra-Zachry signed a development agreement that authorized $3.5 million of planning for TTC-35, which did nott designate the alignment, authorize construction, set toll rates or who collects them. With that, there have been no contracts awarded to develop or finance any other corridor (Trans-Texas Corridor). Governor Perry and his friends spent a great deal of time researching ideas to create more revenue. Texas Transportation Commissioner Ric Williamson, appointed by Gov. Rick Perryto govern TxDOT has helped in the research to find new revenue of the project that is causing a lot of debate.

It combines roads, rail, utilities and energy pipelines into a single corridor that uses less land than traditional methods of expansion. And it will boost our economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, save commuters time with speed limits up to 85 mph, take hazardous cargo out of our most populated areas, provide for passenger rail between cities, and significantly reduce air pollution. The U.S. Department of Transportation has said that the Trans Texas Corridor is helping make Texas "a national example for all states" when it comes to innovative transportation solutions (the office of governer).

Bond act

In the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006, proposition 1B bonds would finance a variety of transportation and related projects: (Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006):

Congestion reduction, highway and local road improvements -- $11.3 billion to increase capacity on state highways, local roads and public transit

Public transportation -- $4 billion to improve local transit services and state intercity rail services; purchase buses and rail cars and improve transit safely

Goods movement and air quality -- $3.2 billion to improve freight movement through ports, on state highway and rail systems and between California and Mexico; improve air quality by reducing emissions related to freight movement, and replace or retrofit school buses

Safety and security -- $1.5 billion to increase protection against security threats or improve disaster response on transit systems; improve rail crossing safety, seismically retrofit local bridges, ramps and overpasses; improve security and disaster planning in publicly owned ports, harbors and ferry terminals.

From there, it is more than obvious that one lane of traffic typically carries fewer than 900 passengers per hour if each person drives a car. This occurs while the Muni buses on Geary already carry about 2,500 passengers per hour, and could double or triple with planned improvements. If we want to grow our economy, we have no choice but to increase the share of trips taken on transit (Metcalf 2007).

There is no quick fix. But on Tuesday, San Francisco voters can take a step forward in the form of Proposition a. This Charter reform is the next step in a long reform effort. If enacted, it would allow Muni to keep more funding from parking meters ($26 million per year); increase exempt employees; guarantee a pay raise for workers; and transfer control over traffic minutiae to transportation professionals and away from the Board of Supervisors. As with any measure that is politically realistic, this measure is not perfect, but it is very, good" (Metcalf 2007).

From the above evidence, the switch to public transit can reduce an individual's carbon emissions by 4,800 pounds. This is basically 10% of the average household's carbon output, according to a study by the American Public transportation Association (Bandell 2007).

While it is good public policy to require more fuel efficient automobiles, increasing the use of transit can have a more immediate impact on our nation's transportation fuel consumption," said Joe Giulietti, executive director of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority. "A household does not need to go to the expense of buying a new vehicle to make a difference; they can simply take advantage of the nation's existing bus or rail service to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint" (Bandell 2007).


On the other hand, it is an easy target for terrorists because of a 200-foot Utility Zone for large underground water lines, natural gas and petroleum pipelines, telecommunication cables, fiberoptics and overhead high-voltage electric transmission lines all in a quarter mile wide package will be an incredibly easy target for terrorists.

Turns private land into State land. The Trans Texas Corridor project authorizes the Commission to take private land away from its current owner in record time - to lease it for any commercial, industrial or agricultural purpose. More than one-half million acres will become government property used for the State to collect revenue and go in direct competition with private business. HB 2702 does not protect Texans, since Perry's Corridor will be exempt" (Trans Texas Corridor Catastrophe).

Proof of mass transit's unsustainability is obvious to anyone willing to look at it objectively:

Mass transit's share of travel continues to fall, even as it seems to have stemmed a decades -ong decline in the absolute number of miles traveled;

Increasing market share and transit riders requires dramatically reducing mobility by either increasing congestion or ratcheting up personal autombile costs artificially through devices such as registration fees or gas taxes;

While automobile use is subsidized, transit is subsidized at even higher levels, with users paying substantially less than half operating costs. Many communities offer some transit services for free, or a near free fares, to entice people onto trolleys, buses, and trains;

Even in places where TODs are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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