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[. . .] 'Detail' plans are likewise required to highlight the building plans for smaller items (such as how the shower might be put together). Finally, sections and interior elevation blueprints will explain precisely how the overall structure is put together and harmonize existing elevation and foundation plans ("009 Techniques -- Blueprints," Carnation Construction, 2013).

Q3. How BIM or Revit can help

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 'hot' new topic within the building industry that currently has many definitions, although nearly all agree upon its usefulness and the degree to which it has aided workers within the industry realize their visions. "Some say BIM is a type of software. Some say BIM is the 3D virtual model of buildings. Others say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organized into a structure database" ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013).

The confusion may arise because the process of using BIM encompasses all three components of these definitions. It begins with a three-dimensional digital model of the structure in 'real space' but the model is more than a simple, computerized miniature. "A true BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building parts and pieces used to build a building. These elements have all the characteristics - both physical and logical - of their real counterparts. These intelligent elements are the digital prototype of the physical building elements such as walls, columns, windows, doors, stairs etc. that allow us to simulate the building and understand its behavior in a computer environment way before the actual construction starts" ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013). Before a single dollar is spent on construction or a single shovel digs into a construction site, the computer program can give all relevant parties a 'virtual tour' of the entire entity.

BIM has also become increasingly democratized in its use throughout the industry. Now it is not simply the purview of those directly involved in building. "Clients, building owners and operators" can make use of easy-to-access applications on their iPhones and iPads" that can provide similar simulation services ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013). Physical designs have always been essential in 'selling' particular designs to clients, particularly those that are extremely cutting-edge (or extremely expensive). Visualization is a critical component of the design process and generating excitement about (and revenue for) a building and BIM provides customers instantaneous feedback in this area -- and customers are increasingly fluent in the language of BIM.

Another valuable component of BIM is that it is relatively easy to change. "Since data is stored in a central place in a BIM model any modification to the building design will automatically replicate in each views such as floor plans, sections and elevation. This not only helps in creating the documentation faster but also provides stringent quality assurance by automatic coordination to the different views" ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013). Invariably, circumstances will shift and alter over the course of a project, both financially and logistically. Instead of going back to square one, the model can be easily shifted and the impact of a change in design can be easily registered in a holistic and instantaneous fashion. This can also be used to mitigate any scope creep and keep costs down through better anticipation of the impact of any changes.

The information contained in a BIM model is not only that of the surface appearance -- it is information with depth as well as breadth, encompassing engineering specifications for the load-bearing structures of different beams; plumbing, a/c and other forms of piping, and even "sustainability information" which is essential for LEED-certified buildings ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013). Even non-graphical components can be represented in a BIM, such as scheduling and cost information. And perhaps most radically, and of particular use for sustainable structures, BIM can be used over the entire lifecycle of a building. Changes can be anticipated and alterations can be made to keep maintenance and operational costs down ("About BIM," Graphisoft, 2013).

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