Psychology Practitioner-Scholar: My Vision Essay

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I want to use my training and learning to apply theories and approaches that will help clients learn to deal with their realities without succumbing to addiction.

Goals and Milestones

My long-term goal is to become a trauma-focused psychotherapist specializing in implementing interventions and treatment for people struggling with addiction. To achieve this goal, I must accomplish a serious of short-term goals that are specific, measurable, accomplishable, relevant and time-bound. The first of these short-term goals is to obtain my Master’s over the next three years. Following that, my second short-term goal will be to reach my residency hours of work within 3 years by completing my supervision hours at the local mental health clinic. I will have to find a mentor who is willing to oversee my practice in the field. My third goal will be to obtain certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) once these residency hours have been obtained. At that point I will be able to practice professionally and this will allow me to achieve my long-term goal.

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The big milestone of my first goal is to achieve a 4.00 GPA in all my classes each semester over the next three years as I work towards the completion of my Master’s. This milestone will require me implementing a strict schedule for study, devoting 4 hours a day to reading on top of my attendance in all my classes. I must look at this as a full-time job and must hold myself accountable in terms of meeting my study time schedule and getting to class. I want to achieve the 4.00 GPA and graduate with honors.

Essay on Psychology Practitioner-Scholar: My Vision Assignment

The big milestone of my second goal is to network and develop a relationship with a mentor who will be able to assist me after graduation in getting my hours. During my second year of graduate school, I will work as an intern at the local mental health clinic with a specialist in addiction and will volunteer there for 8 months so that I can become thoroughly immersed in the real world of psychology and get to know all the local leaders in the field. Thus, once I graduate in three years I will be able to use my contacts gained during this 8 month period to begin my mentorship.

The big milestone of my third goal is to secure my hours needed for certification within 3 years by working in the mental health clinic and specializing in trauma-focused psychotherapy. By working closely with my mentor and cataloguing all my hours, I will be able to reach this goal in the designated amount of time. It will also give me the opportunity to act as a practitioner-scholar by putting my lessons into practice in the field.


As a Master’s degree student in the field of psychology, my vision for myself is to specialize in trauma-focused psychotherapy so as to help people struggling with addiction face their inner trauma and learn to cope with it in a healthy manner. My long term goal is to become a professional psychologist in this field. My first short term goal is to graduate with honors. My second short term goal is to network while studying and take an 8-month internship. My third goal is to be certified in three years.

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