Masters-Prepared Nurse's Role: Questions Essay

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713.2.2-03: Recognize the role of emotions in ethical decisions.

No matter how scientific in nature the nursing profession might be, the nurse will be affected by emotions. Given that caring and caritas is a critical component of nursing, this is only natural. Nursing requires a balance of emotions and empathy for the patient with the technical demands of the profession and the higher ethical code of the profession.

713.2.2-04: Identify the importance of personal values and patient values.

The nurse may have certain personal values based upon professional concepts of health as well as personal values based in anecdotal experience. The patient's view of health may conflict with these. The nurse can act as an educator but should not dismiss the views of the patient: rather she must try to understand them and create middle ground.

713.2.2-05: Identify the implications for nursing care of values conflict.

Because of the diversity of society, values will often conflict and nursing is never a value-free profession. There are always implications in the act of nursing -- what constitutes health; what constitutes a worthy life. Different cultures have different values regarding how children should be raised and how the elderly are viewed which have a direct impact upon nursing approaches. Nurses must have the professional skills to negotiate such a values conflict.

713.1.1-01: Describe the master's prepared nurse's role as researcher.

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APNs, unlike some other types of NPs, have the ability to conduct independent research (What is APN, 2013, Vanderbilt University). This research may be an extension of the APN's academic or clinical experience. It may be primarily from a nursing paradigm or it may also bridge other healthcare perspectives.

713.1.1-02: Describe the master's prepared nurse's role as collaborator.

Essay on Masters-Prepared Nurse's Role: Questions Describe Assignment

The master's prepared nurse can work as a collaborator with other colleagues on a patient's case or in research. The nursing perspective is unique. However, advanced academic preparation enables the nurse to become more fluent in the discourses of other professions.

713.1.1-03: Describe the master's prepared nurse's role as clinician.

Although the master's prepared nurse has grounding in theoretical aspects of the discipline, ultimately it is in the field of practice where nursing knowledge is tested. The master's prepared nurse will have clinical experience to inform her academic knowledge. Real, lived experience is not discounted simply because it does not conform to preexisting theories. The nurse fulfills many of the functions as a clinician once assumed by physicians.

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