Essay: Math and Chosen Profession

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Math and Chosen Profession

When most people think about the careers of firefighters and paramedics, they will often associate it with physically going into dangerous places to save lives. A good example of this can be seen with the heroic roles of many paramedics and firefighters after the 911 terrorist attacks. In these situations, they were demonstrating visceral force and determination during the course of doing their jobs. However, there is also a mental aspect of these career fields that must be taken into account. To fully understand what is happening requires looking at: how Algebra and the Metric system are utilized as part of their daily responsibilities. Together, these elements will provide the greatest insights as to the role of both areas for these career fields. ("911 Memorial for America's Heroes," 2007) (Monteclavo, 2011)

Describe how the Concept can apply to Firefighters and Paramedics

In both jobs there is a heavy reliance on using Algebra and the Metric system in conjunction with each other. For firefighters, this will occur through utilizing these areas when determining the right amounts of foam, water pressure and oxygen that is available. This will have a direct impact on their ability to quickly extinguish the blaze. (Monteclavo, 2011)

Paramedics must be able to use Algebra to make quick conversions when dealing with drugs and other medication. At the same time, they have to accurately work between the English and the Metric systems. These two factors can have an impact on the ability of paramedics to stabilize the patient (which increases their chances of survival). (Monteclavo, 2011)

Describe how to use Algebra / the Metric System and Provide Examples of Situations

Like what was stated previously, both career fields are dependent upon the use of Algebra and the Metric system in correlation with each other. In the case of firefighters, this is an everyday part of the job that requires them to make mathematical calculations instantaneously. This will determine how quickly they are able to fight the fire and save lives. (Monteclavo, 2011)

For example, during the course of a fire, the crews will use Algebra and the Metric system to decide how much water should be delivered to a particular area. As the flames are reacting to the water, is when these conversions will have to be adjusted higher and lower. In most cases this involves using Algebra to predict the right amount of pressure. At the same time, Algebra must be utilized to convert between the English and the Metric systems. This is illustrating how all firefighters will use both Algebra and the Metrics system to decide the best way to fight fires. (Monteclavo, 2011)

In the case of paramedics, the must use Algebra and the Metric system during the course of their daily activities. A good example of this can… [END OF PREVIEW]

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