Mathematics and Art Research Paper

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This is a fairly new field, which may fall under another fairly new field, called Software Studies, which has been pioneered by Lev Manovich. Both men are highly educated and on the cutting edge of their respective studies and activities, making data visualization a hot topic and a fashionable trend that continues to gain in popularity and in utility.

There are professionals throughout the world who ask and argue whether or not data visualization is art because it is driven and contingent upon data, which is mathematical and scientific in nature. No matter where the visualization comes from, it is a form of expression that is expressed artistically and with great consideration for aesthetics.

In addition to the data visualization itself, there is a whole range of graphic design decisions that must be made in order for the visualization to come to fruition. Some of those decisions include the layout, color scheme/palette, font selection, composition, size, and many elements that add visual hierarchy and structure that are all opportunities for creativity. The decisions that creators must make in order to create the best representation of the data are of the same order of decisions that artists make when they make a sculpture, painting, drawing, or installation. Additionally, in some ways, artists make mathematical and scientific decisions for their art. The arguments over whether data visualization is mathematical or artistic further illustrates the earlier point that the lines between math and art no longer exist, and perhaps were quite illusory in the first place.

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Research Paper on Mathematics and Art Mathematics the Assignment

Meersschaert, K. (2012). Does Math + Art = Teachable Data Visualization? Columbia University, Web, Available from: 2013 June 14.
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