Mathematics Instruction for Students Essay

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Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities GRADES 7-12

Assessment is the process of gaining insight into the motivation and knowledge of learners. It can either be informal or formal. Assessment should not only facilitate the learning of fundamental math concepts but should also provide important information to both the learners and their instructors. Assessment/evaluation is also important for kindergarten children. A statement released recently by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) argued that teachers of children at the Early Childhood Level ought to actively introduce the young learners to math language, methods, symbols and operations using different, proper teaching strategies and experiences. These should be assessed using observation or any other kind of appropriate assessments to make sure that the instructional methods fit the young learner's math needs. Likewise, other early childhood experts stress on the significance of repeated questioning, listening, and observation as some of the most effective instructional methods when teaching young children in the day-to-day context (Copley 1999).

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There are number of ways that students can benefit from evaluation. For instance, when an instructor in a clinical interview asks the people he is teaching to describe their thoughts, the students are able to learn a lot in the process of answering the question. One way students benefit from the given example is that the instructor understands the importance of thinking of the students. And it is, since thinking is a significant part of any learning. Students can thereby realise that understanding mathematics is not just about memorizing operations, concepts or facts but about learning to think. Learners need to be able to reflect and effectively convey their own unique thinking. Students need to learn not only how to work on problems but also how to describe their thoughts so that fellow students or teachers can understand. Assessment is one of the best ways through which students can learn to think in a different manner in learning math (Ginsburg, Jacobs, & Lopez, 1993).

TOPIC: Essay on Mathematics Instruction for Students Assignment

During assessments, teachers also get to learn important lessons. Evaluations are not just about giving tests and grading learners. Teachers can also gain insight into the individual thought processes of the students through assessment. Assessment can help a teacher to learn about the ways of thinking, misconceptions, strategies, ideas, and the concepts of the students about math. Evaluating the thought process of a student necessitates a teacher to think critically and to utilize imagination to interpret interviews, performance evaluations, observations and exams to improve understanding of student learning (Ginsburg, Jacobs, & Lopez, 1993).

Chapter 5

The main objectives are:

To provide expectations for math proficiency in operations and numbers

To offer recommendations for structuring curriculum to not only conceptualize but also build proficiency with operations and numbers in the classroom setting.

To offer recommendations for special accommodations and adaptations (based on available studies on students with math LD (learning difficulties). Teachers can… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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