Essay: Max Weber's Sociological Theory

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[. . .] Weber devised the expression 'iron cage' in an attempt to have people understand the dangers associated with McDonaldization. While people benefit as a result of this enterprise, the reality is that they are becoming the slaves of technology and that they lose their power as they become less and less concerned about individualism. George Ritzer goes further to denounce McDonaldization and to emphasize this process as the materialization of society losing most of its intelligence. He claimed that the process was illogical and that it was eventually going to have devastating consequences on society.

Ritzer did not attempt to say that McDonaldization is not effective or that it does not have a beneficial effect when considering the profits it generates. However, his main intention was to promote the idea that feeling more comfortable is not necessarily equivalent to feeling better. He was right in thinking this way and the reality is that McDonaldization is dehumanizing as it makes it more and more difficult for people to express their feelings freely and to discover their personal identities. Individuals are practically bombarded with information that takes their attention away from their personal interests and goals and influences them to want to work as little as possible while earning large profits. As beautiful as such as life might seem, living in a world that is solely based on mathematical functions and that is 100% efficient means that people are no longer going to have access to factors like wonder and magic.

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