Maya Angelou Essay

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Maya Angelou was a great poet and writer. She at one point was a prostitute. However, she did not let dark moments like that; dictate her life or the outcome of her life. She was and still a great model of resiliency. She used writing as a positive outlet for all the negative and positive emotions she had within her heart. Any feelings of anger, joy, sadness, and hope came flowing through her words.

She was resilient in the sense that she overcame her obstacles regardless of her current circumstances. She did what she needed to in order to survive and then, later, thrive. She weathered difficulties both financially and spiritually and kept going when things got rough. That is the quintessential sign of resiliency. She had other talents that she used besides writing, to help her continue through hard times.

She sang and danced and published her work in a series of books to which she derived much success from during the latter part of her life. It was her passion for words that enabled growth within her. It allowed her to reach others in a unique and powerful manner. That sense of community and identity she developed through her autobiographies, her poetry, which enabled her to build upon an already remarkable model of resiliency.

Model of Resiliency

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Maya like most people, went through struggles. She married and divorced twice. She experienced some level of racism. In addition, in her younger years, she had a hard time forming a sense of self, identity. However, as she kept getting older, and learning more about others and herself, she became more comfortable in her own skin. This shows in the progression of her writing. To be able to write and handle in such a positive way everything she experienced, it provides others with a sense of hope that they can weather the storm too.

Essay on Maya Angelou Assignment

Most of Maya Angelou's success came in her later years. People nowadays want success early in life and seek to do things based on a schedule. That creates pressure in people and promotes depression and procrastination. When someone does not succeed to keep up with the schedule, that person can become self-loathing and too critical of his or her self.

Personal Goals

My personal goals involve being less critical of myself. That means I need to be more understanding of my own limits and be okay with failing. They key to developing resiliency is not giving up after failing. If I keep going, if I keep working towards my goals, eventually I will see success.

Another thing I have to change is my procrastination habits. I procrastinate often. When someone procrastinates, no work is done. Maya did not procrastinate when it came to publishing her work. She continued until everything she wanted to write came out, regardless of whether it was a success or not, she finished what she set out to do. If I take a page from Maya, I can then accomplish my goals and do the things I want to do in life.

Although working on a schedule can lead to stress, it does help on a certain level. I want to improve my time management skills. I want to have a project done by a certain time so I can then focus on other aspects of my life. Sometimes things have to be done efficiently. Time management helps with that. By setting a day or time to get something done, and then sticking to that, it allows someone to adhere to their goals and objectives. Time is something that cannot be reversed. By managing time well one has the ability to perform actions that help the individual continue to their goals and aspirations.

Resiliency Curriculum

Self-care and goal setting are two very important aspects of resiliency and overcoming negative behaviors that promote depression and obstacles in people's paths.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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