Mccain Is the Better More Experienced Candidate Thesis

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Mccain Is a Stronger Candidate:

In the battle between John McCain and Barack Obama, you are likely to get rather confused. On the one hand you have this young man with a touch of glamour and on the other you have a man who may not be glamorous but has years of political experience behind him. Who would you rather choose? For those who are die hard democrats or Republicans the choice is easy but for those in-between the two extremes, making a decision is definitely not a piece of cake. Well the cake reminds me of something my grandfather once said to me: "darling, you may love the icing, but it's the cake the really matters." Over the years this piece of advice has helped me on many occasions.

And I have come to the conclusion that fluff is always just that, "fluff" and it cannot replace the "real thing." Icing on the cake is that fluff- it may taste great and look beautiful but it's the cake below it that really counts. You can buy the cake without the icing but you won't buy the icing without the cake.

That should make it clear who is a choice between McCain and Obama. Obama is young with all his youthful idealism and fancy dreams but McCain has solid experience behind him that stops him from making false promises or showing people dreams they cannot realize.

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Often times we might wonder why a man as experienced as McCain is rather quiet compared to Obama. The fact is that McCain knows what he is talking about and thus he measures his words and only says the right things. Obama on the other hand is often swayed by emotions and ends up saying things he either doesn't mean or he doesn't know the meaning of. Think of "lipstick on the pig" remark. To this day, I am not sure what it really meant and I am sure, even Obama doesn't have a clue.

TOPIC: Thesis on Mccain Is the Better More Experienced Candidate Assignment

McCain is a stronger candidate because he has seen the world and has experienced hardships. He has been a prisoner of war which gives him the experience that Obama cannot gain sitting in his pretty seat in the Senate. It takes a lot of courage to serve in the war and to survive in prison and McCain has done that and has definitely come out of it a stronger man.

One thing we must remember here is that McCain should not be judged by his party members because he is known as "maverick" for choosing to disagree with his party on several key issues. This kind… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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