Mckinsey 7s Framework Congruence Model for Organization Capstone Project

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McKinsey 7S Framework

Congruence Model for Organization Analysis

Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance & Change

Force Field Analysis

Several organizations employ organization development (OD) strategies in order to j help them improve their effectiveness (Cummings & Worley, 1993). One of the strategies that are employed is organizational diagnosis. This strategy involves the assessment of an organization's current level of operation so as to design an appropriate and relevant change intervention. The concept of organization diagnosis is a crucial element of organizational development and is used in a way which is very much similar to the ones used in medicine (medical model). This process however involves the conducting of test, collection of vital information on the organizational system and the evaluation of this information in order to effectively prescribe the appropriate course of action. Organizational diagnosticians must therefore employ specialized methodologies to collect the vital information on a given organization, to effectively analyze this information as well as design an appropriate intervention as suggested by Tichy, Hornstein, & Nisberg (1977). The merger between Microsoft and Skype presents a potential case of organizational diagnosis. This is necessary so as to determine how certain aspects of Skype like inputs, productivity, resources, outputs, throughput effort, strategy as well as performance. The main purpose of such as an analysis is to see if there are any important issues at the organization (Skype) and how they ay affects its integration into the main company (Microsoft).

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Before embarking on the analysis, it is important for us to view the organization a complete system (total system). The total system can be considered to be a representation of open system theory. This is in line with the opinions of Katz and Kahn (1978) which suggests that an organization can be regarded as a total system having;


Throughputs and Outputs that are effectively connected via feedback loops.

Capstone Project on Mckinsey 7s Framework Congruence Model for Organization Assignment

In this paper, we use the following models in performing organizational diagnostics. McKinsey 7S Framework, Congruence Model for Organization Analysis, Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance & Change, Force Field Analysis, Open Systems Theory and Falletta's Organizational Intelligence Model

McKinsey 7S Framework

The McKinsey 7S Framework evaluates a given organization using seven variables including organizational structure, organizational strategy, systems, skills, style, staff, as well as shared values. In this regard we can clearly see that the structure of Skype is not exactly similar to the for Microsoft.That is why it is important for Microsoft to make important changes to its organizational structure so as to accommodate the extra functions that would be created among its organizational ranks when it integrates with Skype. Under the new arrangement, both organizations would have to make changes to their structure in order for the deal to work. Under the new strategy for instance, Microsoft would have to create a Skype division which must appropriately report to its CEO, Steve Ballmer.

The fact that Microsoft bought Skype, a company that makes profits off a free product is just wonderful. That is why it would be a great idea for Skype to be appended onto Microsoft's structure as a separate and autonomous division as suggested by Bryce (2011). This approach would go a long way into promoting a free product business model, a fact that would make the integration with other Microsoft product… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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