Measurement in Mixed Methods Design Thesis

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¶ … Post Tenure Review

The issue of post-tenure review gives rise to a wide divergence of perspectives. As a measure designed to prevent the abuses of the tenure system that are alleged to protect professors who are inherently lazy, unmotivated and declining in capability with age, it is widely debated both on the grounds of its philosophical imperative and its practicality. With both of these called into question be a collective faculty class which viewed post-tenure review as an attack on academic freedom and earned job security, the proposed study here would proceed to engage the thesis that there is little evidence to suggest that post-tenure review is effective at improving the educational conditions which it is intended to address. Indeed, "institutions have had to respond to those outside academia, particularly legislators and other funders of higher education, who think that tenure is a free ride designed to protect non-productive faculty members. Rather than viewing tenure as 'mere job security', academics understand tenure to be the fundamental premise assuring their academic freedom." (Wood & Des Jarlais, 561)

In response to the fact that there are a number of competing interests and opinions effecting the discourse over post-tenure review, the research here will use the Mixed Methods research model. By allowing us to consider separately and in convergence with one another both quantitative and qualitative finding, this method will promote the opportunity to observe otherwise obscured relations between variables.

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Quantitative Data Analysis:

The text by Creswell & Plano-Clark (2007) provides us with a basic understanding for how to constructively approach a quantitative set of questions. In this instance, the text advises that "sometimes quantitative information is found in documents such as census records or attendance records. The analysis consists of statistically analyzing scores collected on instruments, checklists, or public documents to answer research questions or test hypotheses." (Creswell & Plano-Clark, 6)

TOPIC: Thesis on Measurement in Mixed Methods Design Assignment

This directs our attention to the assessment of academic performance as it occurs in contexts both where post-tenure review is applied and where it is absent. This might occur through an assessment of Grade Point Average, standardized testing performance, attendance and student evaluation of instructors (which typically occurs at the end of many university semesters). Using these various quantifiable indicators as yielded from courses instructed by tenured professors, it might be possible to establish a performance basis for assessing contexts… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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