Measurement Is One of the Most Crucial Term Paper

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Measurement is one of the most crucial aspects of science. I personally feel that measurement plays a fundamental role in almost all aspects of human life; however, we have not been able to recognize its importance as much as we should. Measurement basically falls into the categories of temperature, weight, length, volume, area and so on. Well, we humans tend to look at these things as stoic forms of measurement; what we do not realize, however, is that their importance is revealed clearly in the things we do on a daily basis.

When one is unwell and needs to take medication, for instance, they need to take the same in the proper quantity so that they are able to realize benefit from it. This, in all aspects, has to do with measurement. The situation is no different when one is cooking in the kitchen -- they have to determine the amount of heat that would produce the best results given the specific meal that you are preparing, and this has everything to do with measurement. When purchasing clothes, measurement is of the essence given that you have to pay attention to your size to ensure that you achieve the best fit.

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I, for instance, love sports, particularly because it takes my mind off things and allows me to relax while at the same time keeping fit. Judging from my experience, I would say that sports has everything to do with measurement. One must, for instance, have a clear understanding of distance and depth to be able to make a 20-yard touchdown pass. Moreover, when deciding whether to do a header or a drop kick to get the ball at the back of the net, one has to pay attention to the height of the defender vis-a-vis their own height, which involves measurement in its simplest form.

Term Paper on Measurement Is One of the Most Crucial Assignment

As a student, my academic success depends partly on my ability to maintain punctuality in group discussions, presentations, and even lectures. To do so effectively, I have to make estimations -- for instance, if I am required to be in class at 8 am, at what time am I supposed to leave home? I need to pay attention to the physical distance from home to school, and my ability to walk fast, both of which incorporate an aspect of measurement.

Personally, therefore, I feel that measurement is the aspect of physics that is most relevant to our everyday living. We make use of measurement concepts in almost everything we do; we just do not realize it.

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