Media Capital: Towards the Study Essay

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[. . .] Despite they myriad of developments which have come from Asian countries, there is still an underlying notion in the western world that many of the nations are underdeveloped in comparison to the west. This association leads to an undermining of the importance of the contributions from these places to the international culture. Films coming out of India's movie production center or those made in China for example are often considered lesser works compared to those produced in the United States or England. Their content is completely unrelated to the actual quality of these works, but the notion of Bollywood film or other Asian media as lesser is still subconsciously ingrained in the average person. People of the western former power majority, as a whole, need to overcome these antiquarian ideas or risk obsolescence from the world stage.

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The weakness that I found in this piece was the sheer denseness and a propensity to deviate from a topic in a less than logical fashion. For example, instead of focusing on media and spatial flow, he enters into territory which has a decided political connotation which could be off-putting. An example of this is the section on outsourcing, which is a hot-button topic in many western countries out of the concern for job opportunities and putting funds back into national coffers. I was also confused when so much of Curtin's argument is, in his own words, removing the concept of binary in understanding media capitals yet he himself delineates specific locations which should be identified for promotion to this title. Is he, in a way, himself guilty of using a set criteria by which to indentify so-called worthy locations or should something quantitative determine which cities should be considered media capitals?

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Essay on Media Capital: Towards the Study Assignment

Curtin, Michael. "Media Capital: Towards the Study of Spatial Flows." International Journal of Cultural Studies,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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