Media Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Term Paper

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a. Can any of the biases mentioned above be found in Palestinian coverage? (Yes, obviously both sides are biased, but the U.S., again is biased towards Israel)

IV. Why There is Bias in the Media

i. Journalists do not follow principles (situations on the ground may lead some to compromise their integrity)

a. Journalists can be bribed (against principles)

ii. Journalists can select which stories to publish and the publications for which they work (who may be biased)

iii. Example of NY Times selective coverage [1: Anonymous. "Analysis of Coverage of Israel/Palestine in Media." If Americans Knew. 2011. . ]

V. Cinematic Representations of the Conflict (this may be extra, so you may just want to take it out, but I think it is important because there are so many films made about this issue; it is also important that we do not see many of these films here in the U.S. (for example, the documentary To Die In Jerusalem))

i. How the Conflict has been Represented in Film, one of the most powerful modes of communication, and more importantly, how has it been represented in documentaries?

iii. Numbers of Films made on the conflict [2: Raskin, Richard. "Cinematic Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Statement of Intentions." Department of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University. Retrieved April 30, 2011. .]

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a. Any identifiable biases?

b. What kinds of films?

VI. Conclusions

i. Has this paper proven that there is bias in the media? (Restatement of Thesis)

Term Paper on Media Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Assignment

ii. Important conclusion as to how Media Coverage of the conflict affects the lives of those who live through it [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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