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[. . .] Through the magic of sampling (the process of choosing discrete parts to represent a continuous whole), almost anything -- text, sound, speech, film, graphics, animations, music -- can be digitized, and whatever can be digitized can be presented on a computer and transmitted over a network. (EMCPP "Digital Convergence" 2012)

Digitization allows for many processes and changes to the original media form. (Pavlik Media in the Digital Age 2008) Digitization is the process by which films shot on 35mm film can be edited with nonlinear editing software such as Avid and Final Cut Pro. The machine that conducts this process from film to bytes is called a telecine, so that the film now has a digital intermediate. The film, once a physical entity, is has now been remediated such that it is now a digital file, existing as information, that can be manipulated with a very fine toothed comb, in the form of editing software.

A simpler form of digitization can be conceptualized as a person taking a picture of a painting with a digital camera. The painting once (and presumably still does) existed as a painting in the three dimensional world, and once digitized, the painting can exist in many different situations than it would hanging quietly in a museum. The painting can be transferred to a diversity of devices and edited as part of a strategy for remediation or convergence.

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Editing is the ability to create continuity, narrative, and perspective with juxtaposition. With respect to film and many forms of visual media, editing is done with software on computers. It is no longer the typical practice to editing physically, though, there are still many photographers out there with dark rooms, and some filmmakers that still have functioning Steinbecks to actually cut their films as was the tradition for most of film history thus far. Editing is an extremely creative and technical practice that is the last stage of production for a film or piece of visual media.

Essay on Media Film & Media in Assignment

Because of advances in technology and experiments in remediation, editing has become much more specialized than in previous periods. (Dargis The New York Times 2010) Editing can be done in teams with certain editors as department heads. There are sound editors, dialogue editors, foley editors, music editors, and the more commonly known (general) editors. Even sound effects, many kinds of special effects such as those found in film like The Matrix, and color manipulations can now be done by individual editors. This is a reason why some filmmakers and critics contend that there are no more "pure" films and the modern motion picture is a convergence of various media forms edited together to create (hopefully) a seamless and combination of images & sounds that if done well, most non-savvy audience members will not even notice. (Pyudik Examiner 2010)

Diversity of devices simply put means that there is an array of devices upon which users may create, consumer, and edit various forms of media. Smartphones were mentioned earlier. Other mobile devices such as Kindles, iPads, laptops, and PDA's are all a part of this diversity of devices. We are familiar with computers, televisions, and movie screens. These are some of the oldest media devices, besides materials used for writing, visual art, and for the composition of music, which, besides stories told orally, are the oldest forms of media in human history. The diversity of devices may be a result of remediation and most modern devices support the process of convergence. Many modern devices make remediation, editing, digitization, and convergence possible. These are only a few ways in which the various terms learned during the course are connected to each other, and really, a wide network or context of ideas about media and film in the digital age.


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