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The issue itself and why it caused controversy

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According to Hudson (n.d.) of the First Amendment Center, the United States Supreme Court recognizes that the First Amendment right to free speech includes non-verbal self-expression. This includes symbolic speech: actions that express opinions. Often symbolic speech is highly controversial. This was the case when superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba, a country that Americans are officially banned from visiting as tourists. The visit to Cuba has raised a storm of political opinion and controversy, especially among the Cuban-American community. In the aftermath of the visit, some pundits claim that the policy banning Americans from visiting Cuba is "broken," and that "the whole instance shines the spotlight on one of the most lengthy failed policies in U.S. history," (Brown, 2013). On the other hand, the Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio claims that Fidel Castro staged the visit by Beyonce and Jay-Z as "propaganda," (Boesveld, 2013). Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida also criticized the celebrity couple for doing what she claims is "illegal." Therefore, Jay-Z and Beyonce's visit to Cuba was far more than an anniversary celebration; it was a bold declaration of their political views on the U.S. embargo.

Term Paper on Media the Issue Itself and Why it Assignment

The issue itself has caused controversy because of the communist regime under Fidel Castro, who has been in power since 1960. According to Brown (2013), "the intention was to suffocate the Castro regime while still young, allowing the restoration of democracy." However, embargo has not had the intended result of strangling the regime and encouraging democracy from emerging. The failure of the regime is one of the reasons why many Americans like Beyonce and Jay-Z believe the travel ban should be eliminated. Many visitors to Cuba are taking advantage of recent relaxation of the travel ban. As Peralta (2013) points out, Beyonce and Jay-Z are not the first to receive a special permit from the United States Treasury Department allowing for an "educational exchange trip."

Members of the Cuban community in exile in the United States deem visits to Cuba an insult and an affront to democratic ideals. It is basically viewed as a form of anti-democratic free speech. Representative Ros-Lehtinen commented that Beyonce and Jay-Z should have refrained from expressing their political views, instead expressing "solidarity with the suffering of the Cuban people" by obeying the travel ban (cited by Wilkins, 2013).

The travel ban to Cuba is itself controversial. Ros-Lehtinen, Rubio, and other members of the Cuban-American community appear to be in the minority, based on the media coverage of the Beyonce/Jay-Z visit. International media coverage depicts the celebrity visit as an admirable form of symbolic free speech that challenges the efficacy of the Cuba embargo. Some reporters go so far as to accuse Ros-Lehtinen, a Cuban-American, of supporting terrorism against Cuba, given her "staunch support for Miami-based Cuban exile terrorists who have carried out deadly attacks against the Castro regime as well as against innocent civilians," (Wilkins, 2013). From this perspective, the visit to Cuba by Beyonce and Jay-Z represents a type of non-violent resistance against tyrannical American foreign policy.

Canadian news sources, such as the National Post, reflect the beliefs of a nation that upholds the strongest tenets of democracy but also does not have a travel or trade embargo with Cuba (Boesveld, 2013). Some American reporters have opted to use the high-profile visit to Cuba as a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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