Media (MIS) Reprsentations of Chinese-Americans Research Paper

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He plays for the New York Knicks. The fact that he is Chinese or rather, not black is enough of a shock regarding stereotypes of Chinese-Americans and athletes. The stereotype for professional basketball players is that they are large African-American men who are naturally gifted at the sport. Chinese-Americans are rarely represented in the media as being athletic, let alone with enough athleticism to compete professionally. While lots of Chinese adults and youths really enjoy basketball in the U.S. And beyond, it is a surprise to the average American that a Chinese-American enjoys and is skilled at basketball. His existence and his abilities were a media and cultural phenomenon.

'Linsanity' refers to the meteoric rise and prominence of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. He is the only current Asian-American playing at the professional level in America and has displayed his immense athletic talent by helping the New York Knicks to a seven-game winning streak in February of 2012. (Wo, 2012, 5)

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Lin also challenges or confronts the stereotype that Chinese-American men are short. Professional basketball players are taller than average in general, and so is Jeremy Lin. Moreover, Lin is a Christian, and very public about his views. It is becoming more commonly known that many Asians are practicing Christians, such as Koreans and Chinese, yet the stereotype is that they are Buddhists or Taoists -- some religious practices-based or originating in the "old country." (China)

Research Paper on Media (MIS) Reprsentations of Chinese-Americans Assignment

Gene Luen Yang is a writer and illustrator. He is most famous for his comic American Born Chinese. American born Chinese is a kind of slang that is often abbreviated as "ABC." In this comic, the main theme for the target audience (youth) is that it is all right to be different from the cultural norm and that there is value in difference. The comic also shows the tough process that Chinese-Americans and other groups face in attempting to hold on and maintain native cultural traditions or connections, while at the same time assimilating with the local culture (American). His work acknowledges the spectrum of the Chinese experience in America. His work also acknowledges the spectrum of elements in the Chinese culture. Yang's work shows how some stereotypes may be based in real, lived experiences, but that those stereotypes do not define or completely circumscribe the Chinese-American all around.

At this point in history, there is no arguing that the media influences people. It is becoming more commonly accepted that media representations affect people's perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, and more. Diversifying media representations of Chinese-Americans is a gradual, yet absolutely necessary process. It helps consumers understand Chinese culture with more depth and helps Chinese feel proud or that they have positive representations to model or admire.


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