Media Processes of Consumption Article Review

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Processes of Consumption in Audiences

Media consumption typical of the fairly complex patterns characterized…does not happen in a vacuum distinct from other social behaviors or everyday behaviors. We have, in contemporary society, come to integrate many forms of mass media into our everyday lives without even thinking about how we navigate such pathways. This development has extremely compelling results we should consider…we readily adopt forms of media into our daily lives [which] means that we generally also engage the content of those media without serious consideration. (Chapter 1 -- Introduction to the Study of Media Effects, 4)

The text of focus for the purposes of this assignment is Chapter 1 -- Introduction to the Study of Media Effects. This was a sound introduction. The writing was concise and informative. It was also clear that the author's intended audience was for undergraduate or graduate students, born in the 1980s and 1990s. This is somewhat rare for a textbook. Many textbooks are intended for undergraduates, yet not many of them make a point to directly address or call out that this book is for people of a certain generation. The book provides context for those who were not yet born during some of the periods in history that are mentioned. The chapter does a solid job of explaining what media effects are and providing background upon the various areas within the topic are ripe for study.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Review on Media Processes of Consumption in Assignment

The first major point of the chapter is that media effects people. The author makes a point to state that media effects exist and these effects are measurable. The text describes a range of what the effects could be. The second major point of the text is to make readers aware that patterns in media consumption exist. The text argues that the majority of media content is narrow in its representations of types of people. With repeated consumption and established patterns of consumption, consumers gradually adopt the beliefs of the media they consume. In other words, what people watch on television, for example, over time makes them believe that what they have seen holds true for all the kinds of people represented in the programming. Consumers then act upon the beliefs that their media has influenced within them, altering their behaviors as well. This is a longer way to say that media effects people's behavior. Richness and diversity with regard to media representations has great potential to effect the lived social context of consumers. Media can change peoples' attitudes for the better or for the worse; nonetheless, the power is there and is being exercised.

The context of this chapter reminds me of a field that I recently learned of called Media Psychology. Something that I find funny about all these ideas in this chapter and in the media psychology textbooks I have come across is that, two decades or so ago, if someone proclaimed that media effects consumers, that person would have been called crazy, or would be accused of overreacting. That person would also likely be dared to prove those effects to a less than open-minded audience. In the 21st century, when a person contends that media effects consumers, such a person is encouraged to perform research and write upon his/her findings. This kind of information holds significance for distributors of media as well, with the advent and importance… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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