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Hence, propaganda model comes into play here.

Bloomberg Business Week

Bloomberg Business Week published a couple of abridged versions of the story on the issue, which also introduced the company by giving a short introduction. Look at the following short stories, published there followed by an analysis at the end:

About the Company: Viking Air Limited has been working as the principle producer and refurbishment service provider of the jet planes and their parts. The company offers a great variety of services including service support, certification & protection services, repairing and refurbishment, parts installment and finally AOG services. Additionally, it also offers OEM support service for the Havilland airplanes globally. Founded back in 1970, the company is headquartered in Sidney, Canada (Bloomberg, 2012).

Short story #1: Canadian Auto Workers Union Serves 72-Hour Strike Notice at Viking Air Limited: In the bargaining deal with the Viking Air, the Canadian Auto Workers union has given a 72-hour strike notice. As per the notification, the union is all set to go on a strike from 12:00 noon on January 19. As per the voting results, over 94% workers at Viking Air were in favor of the strike. The incumbent work agreement terminated on 31st October, 2010 and the conflicting parties are to sit in around a dialogue table in Sidney that is going to last for the whole week (Bloomberg, 2012).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Media Review News Story - Assignment

Short story 2: 94% Viking Air Limited workers Vote in favor of strike: Canadian Auto Workers Union members have shown unanimous consensus in favor of strike by giving 94% affirmative votes. This means, if strike would be required to gain the newer job agreement, they will go for it in line with the serial meetings. Wages, job security, cost of living were few of the most contentious issues that caused another delay in the over 50 orders of the new Twin Otter aircrafts. It has seen a heartiest demand of the workers to increase the production rate of the new Twin Otter aircrafts and hence, they have been looking for another collaborative agreement that expired on 31st October, 2010. The union has been representing the Viking Air Limited workers since 1995 under a special certification (Bloomberg, 2011).

This above manages to present a very balanced and fact-based approach to the news of the strike by highlighting the company's profile in general and then having both the short stories focus primarily on the strike and the reasons behind it. Also this approach was the only one that actually displayed some form of future activities that were being carried out to solve the issue. Hence, it successfully manages to steer clear of both the propaganda model as well as Martin's frames. Furthermore, this news story was a perfect example of the dominance/resistance model which claims that the media does tend to highlight and promote the dissenting voices of a story if it involves a serious social issue or upheaval.

Coverage of the chosen news story - alternative media

Press Release

Below was press release that was published right after the announcement for the strike was made. Below is a summary of the details released in the PR and an analysis following it after.

According to, while bargaining with Viking Air on 16 jan, 2012, CAW (Canadian Auto Workforce union) decided for issuing 3 days strike notice. Viking Air is located on Vancouver Island, which is in close proximity to Sidney, British Columbia. It is an aircraft repair and developing company. At present CAW have 270 workers in Viking Air's bargaining unit. These people include sheet metal mechanics, aircraft mechanics, welders, machinists, painters, stores persons, painters and labourers (Victoria, 2012).

According to Gavin McGarrigle, the CAW National Representative at Viking Air, workers expect that their reservations must be addressed, such as job security, benefits, and increase in wage. In addition to this he also said in Abbotsford last year that Cascade Aerospace has signed a new contract with union. The same situation can be implemented at Viking Air too. He also highlighted that 94% vote by Viking Air's workers favoured strike in 28th October, 2011. According to McGarrigle, the company cannot compromise on the work schedule. There are a lot of orders that need to be processed. Hence, the company will arrange a meeting this week. It is expected that a mutual solution will be devised (Victoria, 2012).

This press release fulfils all the requirements of a PR by fully accomplishing to answer the questions of who, what, where, when and how in the first paragraph. Again the news story does present the facts of the case and the viewpoints of the workers as the reason behind the strike accurately. But it does present the propaganda model again due to its structure and leaving the last paragraph to be structured as though Viking Air was willing to negotiate with the workers because it did not want to fall back on the pending orders that they had. However, simultaneously we do see the dominance/resistance model also being represented in the PR as the needs and demands of the workers were aptly highlighted.


The following excerpt is a summary of a blog post on the strike followed by an analysis.

After having a meet with Viking Air, CAW (Canadian Auto Workers Union) has provided 3 days strike notice. The strike has been extended to 12 noon on Thursday, 19 January. According to Gavin McGarrigle, the CAW National Representative at Viking Air, workers expect that their reservations must be addressed, such as job security, benefits, and increase in wage. He also specified that last year a new contract was reached with Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford and it is likely to work in favour of Viking Air too. McGarrigle said that it is essential to work hard in order to bargain well and devise a fair deal, because the production at Viking Air would be disrupted by the strike and the order of new Twin Otter aircraft would be delayed further. The parties will keep on bargaining all the week in Sidney, BC, starting from today due to the expiry of the collective agreement on 31st October, 2011 (Victoria, 2012).

This blog post also presents Martin's frames by shifting the focus of the strike to the need of fulfilling the stakeholder's demands and that being the sole reason for Viking Air to negotiate a fair as opposed to recognizing that the needs of the workers were unfulfilled.


The point that must be noted here that with the exception of one news story, the entire coverage of media, mainstream and alternative was focused on the representative of Viking Air and his responses to the notion of strike. It is true that all news stories maintained and highlighted the needs of the workers; but it was only the first news story covered by Times Colonist that highlighted the response of the CAW representative on the strike being based on job security and the headquarters staying local as opposed to the expansion of Viking Air which they perceived to be good for the company. They could use the media better by reiterating that statement in various interviews and PRs by not allowing it to be a response but a statement from the very beginning. The representatives could also in the future start off with what they feel about a certain move of the company as opposed to shooting right for the bullet by highlighting their demands. Despite the news coverage discussed being catering to the status quo of reporting (dominance/resistance model), highlighting the stake of the business at the same parallel as the demands of the civil workers (Martin's frames) and presenting a conflicting outlook, the overall success for CAW workers did come shortly after the strike as a deal was made and their demands were catered to by Viking Air.


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