Media and the Role it Plays in Shaping Society Term Paper

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Young people are most vulnerable to ideas that the media presents, as they are less experienced in filtering information and are thus more likely to be influenced as a consequence of being bombarded with certain concepts.

It is difficult to predict how things will be in the future when concerning the media and the way it will influence the general public. Even with the fact that media devices have progressed in accordance with latest technologies, people now seem to have more power over information they acquire as a result of the internet. Devices such as TV, newspapers, and radio are somewhat limited in the information they provide, but the internet provides users with the ability to only become acquainted with information they want to learn. While also having power over advertisements and news online, the media is also controlled by direct user involvement. Ideas like commentary sections on news providers play an important role in shaping the public's thinking, as the media now provides users with the ability to get actively engaged in reviewing news.

It is probable that the masses are going to continue to be influenced by the media in future decades, as people cannot avoid coming across ideas that have somewhat of an effect on their understanding of the world. While the media can also have a positive effect on the public as a result of presenting it with positive information and with news, it can also seriously undermine people's perception of society by having them put across deviant behaviors that are apparently beneficial for them.

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Term Paper on Media and the Role it Plays in Shaping Society Assignment

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