Media Violence Blaming Social Term Paper

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Also, famed criminologist James Q. Wilson responds to the issue by commenting, "No doubt violence on television and in the movies heightens aggression among some people some of the time, but we have virtually no evidence that it affects the serious crime rate.'" Thus, crime rates incorporate other factors, especially economic conditions, which have a significant and nearly wholly accountable effect on violence in society.

Richard B. Felson's paper on "Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior" outlines three points. He first states that media violence, in laboratory conditions, has an equal effect on antisocial behavior as it does on aggressive behavior. Second, contrary to general view regarding punishment in the media, he determines that the media is the most likely avenue to display punishment following violence. His final point is that criminals have a versatile tendency toward violent as well as non-violent acts. He concludes that, "exposure to television violence probably does have a small effect on violent behavior for some viewers," as a result of the media exposing them to forms of violent behavior they might not have already been considered. Thus, the multiple factors influencing criminal activity make it difficult to accurately determine the impact of the media as a mode for propagating crime.

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The debate over violence in the media will continue, but considerations should be made to the legitimacy of the claims that the media influences the demonstration of violent acts in society. Felson's sound observation that some criminal acts might be stimulated by exposure to violent ideas portrayed in the media is consistent with generally observed evidence that the media influences violence, but at a lesser degree than often presented as economic influences are the primary factor influencing societal violence.


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Term Paper on Media Violence Blaming Social Violence Assignment

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