Media Violence and Children's Aggressive Behavior Annotated Bibliography

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Media Violence and Childrens Aggressive Behavior

Escobar-Chaves, S. L . & Anderson, C.A. (2008). Media and Risky Behaviors. The Future of Children 18.1.

Because contemporary children have access to electronic media on a daily basis, it is virtually impossible for them not to risk being negatively influenced as a result. This certainly takes its toll from society, considering that young people engage in a series of harmful activities trying to replicate what they see in the media. The effects are not expected to emerge for a number of years, as "media violence causes an increase in the likelihood of future aggressive and violent behavior" (Escobar-Chaves & Anderson 2008). This article presents violence as being only one of the many damaging effects of the media, given that it also relates to obesity, smoking, and sexual activity among young people as being consequence of the media.

Jipguep, M. & Sanders-Phillips, K. (2003). The Context of Violence for Children of Color: Violence in the Community and in the Media. The Journal of Negro Education 72.4.

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This article associates children's exposure to violence in the media and claims that children who are part of low-income families are even more susceptible to be influenced by the media. The thesis in the article states that while everyone is likely to be affected by violence in the media, minorities are affected by the issue to a larger degree. Apparently, "children's exposure to media violence is related to increased aggression" (Jipguep & Sanders-Phillips, 2003), as children are psychologically traumatized consequent to being exposed to violence. This article is also important because it addresses minorities and the fact that children in them are more vulnerable than children who are part of majorities.

Potter, W.J. & Smith, S. (2000). The Context of Graphic Portrayals of Television Violence. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 44.2: 301.

Annotated Bibliography on Media Violence and Children's Aggressive Behavior Assignment

Because violence is typically displayed in the media in particular contexts, it is difficult for viewers to filter the information they are offered and they are predisposed to interpret it incorrectly. This article attempts to identify ways of filtering information in order to determine the exact effects media has on people.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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