Media Violence the Potential Relationship Essay

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Instead, the burden of proof lies with those proposing a causal link between media violence and aggressive behavior, and in this case they have utterly failed to meet that burden.

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The debate discussed in this essay will likely not be completed any time soon, and further research is clearly needed to better understand the relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior. While the extant research has demonstrated a relationship between the two, the nature of this relationship remains indistinct. While preference for violent media can help predict the likelihood that someone will engage in aggressive behavior, this is very different from saying that violent media actually causes that behavior. Nevertheless, the notion that violent media causes actual violence has become extremely popular both in the news media and academic circles, and it only becomes more popular with every violent media event such as a school shooting. While no sufficient evidence has been provided to justify this position, it remains the standard position for much of the public, so a concerted effort is needed to educate the public in regards to what the evidence actually indicates. This is especially true because too often arguments in favor of a causal relationship between media violence and actual violence are accompanied by calls for new regulations or prohibitions on media expression, a tendency that can be extremely dangerous in the absence of overwhelming evidence.

Essay on Media Violence the Potential Relationship Assignment

In light of the overwhelming lack of evidence for a causal relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior, the only reasonable position to take is to presume that there is not one until further research indicates otherwise. By examining the arguments in favor of a causal link between media violence and aggressive behavior and demonstrating the flaws and misunderstandings inherent in these arguments, one is able to see how the only logically sound position is one of disbelief in a causal relationship. In taking this intellectually honest position, one is able to simultaneously cut through the uniformed chatter surrounding the debate on media violence while opening up new, more fruitful avenues of study.

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