Medical Care Services Application Essay

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I believe that as an orthopedic surgical physician assistant, I would ensure a better care and treatment for the patients. The role of the assistant is precisely that to connect with the patient at the moment when he or she arrives in the hospital. Given that more and more medical doctors are stretched over a larger number of patients as a result of the reformation of the system, the role of the assistant is all the more important. He represents the first contact with the patient and can provide the necessary psychological comfort to allow the patient to relax and have the necessary confidence in the medical care unit provider. Therefore, one of the most important roles the assistant plays in this case is that of being the first point of contact for the patient.

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Currently, there are serious discussions on the way in which the system can be improved so that to allow more space to pre-emptive care rather than reactive medical care. This is particularly important in cancer cases in which studies have shown that pre-emptive care can save lives and financial resources. More precisely, "he groundbreaking study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) [4] has demonstrated the importance of pre-emptive coordinated care in protecting patients from potentially progressing to irreversible lymphedema. Using pre-operative and post operative surveillance, the investigators identified lymphedema in an early, pre-clinical fluid state. The study was highly successful in returning patients back to pre-operative baseline measurements. Other randomized control trials have shown the importance of early intervention and a preventative approach" (ImpediMed, 2012). This case can be identified as a pattern for the entire array of medical care. The conclusion would be that a pre-emptive approach not only improves the chances of a resolution of medical situations but, at the same time, it allows for an earlier identification of medical issues and treatment can be lighter, less harmful, and less expensive.

Application Essay on Medical Care Services the Current Assignment

Given the above, the role of the assistant can also include medical counseling and education of patients. Even so, "As a highly-valued member of the health care team, the scope of an individual PA's practice varies dramatically by setting, specialty, and the responsibilities delegated by the physician" (Yale School of Medicine, 2013) The role of the assistant is crucial in the sense that it has the necessary means and time to focus on the patient at large and to allow time for consultation and for advice. This is an important aspect because people need to be aware of potential issues that may affect their health. In the current situation of the medical care system, this role is vital because it can prevent people reaching the hospital in more serious conditions.

As an orthopedic surgical physician assistant, I think it is my responsibility to advise people on basic things such as how to improve their blood circulation in their feet during winter periods and as well, more complicated ones, post-surgery advice and care. If post surgery care is provided in a professional manner, the risks of complications and therefore of further hospitalization days is much reduced. Therefore, I do believe that if taken care of the patient, there are less chances to return with the same problem. I further believe that such an approach would be benefic for the system as well. Not only would people spend less on medical care, but the system would no longer be overwhelmed by cases that can be prevented.

Finally one of the most important aspect related to the role of the orthopedic surgical physician assistant is the dedication with which he must perform his duties and see more in a patient -- not simply a chart, but rather an individual. There are a lot of issues facing the medical care system these days. Few can actually be influenced by people; yet the people that are involved in the medical care system can change the way in which the reforms affect common people.


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