Medical Marijuana the Debate Term Paper

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These drugs do not have the same problems typically associated with marijuana use:

The main ingredient in the cannabis-derived medicines does not contain the active substance found in recreational cannabis and so patients taking the new drugs will not become intoxicated. Their prescriptions will not be subject to the international treaties banning the production and sale of cannabis.


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Indeed, legalization for medical purposes is the only clear solution to this matter. The situation as it exists right now is inhuman and cannot continue. It is necessary for the United States government not to write laws that cause its citizens to suffer in pain or turn to illegal methods in order to relieve their pain. It is essential that the United States government show its ability to discern between legitimate uses of drugs for purposes that are clearly medical and those uses that are clearly recreational and illegal. Although currently this goal has not been achieved, people in the United States are still working to change the fact that "medical necessity' cannot be used as a valid defense against federal marijuana charges" under current law (Zwillich). Again the United States concern is valid and indeed, no one wants to make the drug accessible to all. But certainly it is absurd to think that "legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes would send the wrong message to children" (Becker). We currently allow medical usages of far more potent and addictive substances, such as morphine, which is used consistently as an anesthetic, yet we do not see these uses raising a fervor over the idea that its use will increase morphine usage among teenagers. Certainly such an idea would be absurd. Similarly, it is ridiculous for the United States government to persist in denying its severely ailing citizens the access to the one medication that will make their lives more livable during their final days or as they battle a serious and severe illness. Certainly nothing could be more inhuman and insensitive to the basic needs of human beings than continuing to deny them the medicine that they require.

Term Paper on Medical Marijuana the Debate Over Assignment


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