Medical Marijuana and Social Control Article Review

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Dispensaries provide a quality environment for patients and reduce the harm created by the unregulated transactions. The dispensing system has created many employment opportunities to both users and non-users of marijuana. Dispensaries need employees in the growing warehouses as caretakers and in the dispensaries as budtenders. Participants in the unregulated world have also obtained legitimate employment through licensing of dispensaries. Students report that the legalization and medicalization of marijuana has helped them avoid the risks of arrest and fines once you have a legal card.

Medicalization of marijuana has also prevented discontinuation or suspension from the university. It prevents a user to be perceived as a criminal in the society and helps to maintain a clear file record for employers, parents, and criminal justice system or university officials. Legalization has changed perceptions towards marijuana. O'Brien article point to the change of language as participants obtained new terminologies from dispensaries. Budtenders in dispensaries provide useful information to users about the available varieties and news to talk and even think about marijuana. Medicalization of marijuana according to O'Brien helps students justify the use of marijuana and support the social change through the legal cards. Dispensary system has proved that the use of marijuana was not only restricted to young people and students, but also all sorts of people in the society use marijuana. It normalized the use of medicalized marijuana to everyone in the community.

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Use of marijuana no longer leads to loss of social status or denial of certain privileges from the government or in other social activities. It is no longer an entrance to immorality but rather for medical use. It is an important drug if used under medical instruction and purpose intended.

Article Review on Medical Marijuana and Social Control: Assignment

O'Brien concludes by explaining how the decriminalization of marijuana has helped control crime and shape the society. Users of marijuana have a secure and efficient environment for purchase and use of the product. The utility of the product has also increased due to availability of varieties and quality products from dispensaries. Control and medicalization of marijuana has a positive impact to the society and government. The recent criminology record opposes theoretical perspective and unproven evidence about the effects of medicalization of marijuana by authors. Crime has significantly reduced compared to the period before medicalization of marijuana. It has reduced government expenditure on jurisdiction and drug prohibition. Employment has increased through dispensaries and its associated activities. Revenue to the government has also increased through taxation of the dispensaries and all involved in the businesses. It has further reduced direct government participation in crime control and it acts as a watch guard to ensure adherence to rules.


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O'Brien, PK 2013, 'Medical Marijuana and Social Control: Escaping Criminalization and Embracing Medicalization', Deviant Behavior, Vol.34, pp.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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