Medical Technical and Scientific Translation Term Paper

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Scientific Medical Translation

Personal Statement

Describe your academic interests and reasons for applying. Include details of work experience you consider relevant to your proposed study, career objectives and relevant non-academic achievements.

Translation. I wish to embark upon further study, with an aim to become better versed in the difficult and often thorny terrain of medical and scientific translation. I say thorny for I have had many diverse forays into the art and science of translation. I have learned that no matter what the material, translation is both an art and a science.

Translation is both a creative yet exact process of rendering language and being a facilitator of the communications process. My language education has taught me what a beautiful and difficult art translation can be, and my work experiences have whetted my appetite to learn more.

A obtained my university degree this summer, in July of 2004. I received a degree in translation and interpreting, the "Mediazione Linguistica" (Final Mark 105/110) from la Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Gregorio VII, Rome. Previously, in July 2000 I received my Diploma di Liceo Linguistico (95/100), Liceo Linguistico N.S. della Mercede in Rome as well. Thus, my education has revolved around this diverse and exciting European city, filled with the languages of many foreign-speaking individuals, tourists and professionals.

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My university degree thesis was entitled " the casebook of forensic detection," under the supervision of Professor Adriana Bisirri and thus focused on aspects of technical and scientific matters. It utilized a wide vocabulary from the medical and biological disciplines and was a challenge for me, which I believe I was, under the auspices of Professor Bisirri, able to master with a high degree of success. My work on my thesis gave me a strong grounding and preparation for technical vocabulary, as well as a greater fluency in understanding medical and scientific matters.

Term Paper on Medical Technical and Scientific Translation Assignment

Although the majority of my higher education has taken place in Italy, post-degree, I will soon begin master's-level study for "Dialoghisti e adattatori cinetelevisivi." I am also going to take the IELTS exam in the British Council. Subsequent to the IELTS, I am going to attend the DELE course and take the Spanish exam, afterwards. In January of 2005 I will begin my "Laurea specialistica" also named "Lingue per la comunicazione internazionale." Thus, my language studies have taken me in body, mind, soul, and voice, to England and to Spain, as well as been based in Italy and in Rome. I have also traveled widely in Europe, the United States of America and Africa.

I feel that obtained an excellent working knowledge of English and Spanish when I studied in 1997 Euro center Victoria of London. There, during a one-month course I obtained General English level 5. I continued with my Spanish language studies over the summer of 2001 at the Colegio Delibes in Salamanca, Spain, and followed this study with a one-month course in grammar and conversation, in 2003/2004 I attended a school called Frances King in London. There, I not only studied General English at the Advanced level, but Business English and Social English as well. This further enhanced my English vocabulary and gave me a greater understanding of the functioning of technical aspects of the English language.

Lastly, my studies from 2003-2004 at the Imperial College of London solidified my interest in medical and technical translation. My course work involved translation both from the Italian to English and the English into Italian.

Nothing is more inspiring to me to bring clarity to exchanges of communication in the languages I love. The greatest cumulating triumph of my translating expertise to date came in 2003-2004, when I became… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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