Medicine: Sports Essay

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¶ … Knee Hyperextension on a Dancer's Posture, Alignment, and Technique

Maintaining a good posture is key for any dancer who wishes to display beautiful dance movements. Often times, people use the terms 'posture' and 'alignment' interchangeably. However, alignment is more than just posture. It is how the axes of the various bones line up against the rest of the body. Maintaining a good posture will almost certainly mean having the correct alignment, and hence, being able to move freely, with a lower risk of injury. Basically, when the bones line up properly, shear stress is maintained on the ligaments and the body is able to keep its balance without putting undue pressure on the outer parts of the joint and the shoulder. The port de bras and arms are able to move freely, allowing the dancer to execute aesthetically pleasing lines, especially in arabesque. Moreover, the dancer is able to dance for longer periods because they can breathe easily as with minimal pressure on the shoulders and the diaphragm; and the lungs are able have more room for expansion and contraction. Proper alignment is achieved when the spine is aligned in such a way that the back is straight, the natural curve at the base is maintained, and the knees, hipbones, and shoulders are all in line.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Medicine: Sports Assignment

Evidently, alignment is crucial for good dancing; however, there are a number of errors that inhibit one's ability to instill proper posture and alignment. One of these errors is hyper extending the knee. Hyper-extension is the process by which the knee curves behind the calf and thigh muscles extend beyond what is considered "the natural range of motion" (Chuckrow). Whereas some dancers are born with a naturally hyper-extended knee (referred to as genu-recurvatum in medicine), some develop it within the course of their dancing career (McCormack 5). Dance groups will often prefer dancers with hyper-extended knees not only because these make the lines look nicer, but also because they are thought to have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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