Medieval Pilgrimages Term Paper

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Medieval Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages were central to Medieval Christianity and remain central to many devout Christians today. Such pilgrimages were not only central to these Christians, but to the Holy Land as well. Over the years, pilgrimages have influenced the West's foreign relations with those residing in the area from times as early as the crusades. In viewing these pilgrimages, and in understanding the trials and tribulations that these pilgrims faced throughout their journeys, one can better understand the motivations for Medieval Europeans to journey to the Middle East in pilgrimages that were not only lengthy, but riddled with difficulties.

The pilgrims were motivated in their travels to the Middle East by the concept of paying "penance" to their God, which they believed was best achieved by traveling to a place that was considered the most sacred. In traveling to such sacred lands, i.e. Jerusalem, the pilgrims believed that God would find their respective penance more effective, therefore showing God that these pilgrims were, in fact, the most devout of servants. Despite the long distances from the West to the Middle East, the pilgrims who partook in such journeys believed that the dangers of the travel and the hardships they endured along the way were not only an integral part of paying penance to the lord, but would again prove their devotion.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Medieval Pilgrimages Assignment

Some of the difficulties faced by the pilgrims included long journeys that began often with treacherously long boat rides that included illness and scarcity of food. Dying en route was not at all unusual during these pilgrimages, from the aforementioned reasons, storms, bad luck, poor judgment,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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