Mediterranean Hospitality the Purpose Essay

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¶ … Mediterranean Hospitality

The purpose of "hospitality" in Mediterranean households, according to the author of "In the Rustic Kitchen: Real Talk and Reciprocity?" is to affirm group associations of commonly shared ethnic identities. Unfortunately, according to the author, the groups discussed in the article receive a barrage of negative visual and representation of local identities, which are often presented in T.V., newscasts, and newspaper stories to the larger world in a seemingly never-ending drumbeat of doom and gloom.

This saturation of negative representations creates a dynamic of 'us against them,' within the community. In this community, there is little sense of a striving for true sense of integration in a larger so-called 'common American' community culture that extends beyond the kitchen and the Mediterranean community. However, Tracey Heatherington states that the discourse of the larger media of television and newspapers is subverted through the maintenance of a community subculture of shared language, heritage, and yes, of course, of food and hospitality.

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For the community chronicled by Heatherington, hospitality means that wherever one goes in the community, one is at home in the house of a member of one's community. Within these communities, there are far fewer social barrier of privacy, and the family is an extended rather than a nuclear family. The closeness of neighborhoods and living spaces can create a sense of social strain; of course, when money is tight, and when younger members of the community gain different senses of personal space and boundaries in schools and other common sites of cultural sharing. But because of the negativity of neighborhoods and cultural associations, there is less of a sense of integration than might occur with other ethnic groups.

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Essay on Mediterranean Hospitality the Purpose of "Hospitality" in Assignment

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Pan-ethnic identities


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