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[. . .] So for Whitman to be as honest as she is, and fearless, has allowed her to be someone who leads by example.

Another strength for Whitman is the way that she emphasizes the team. In a knowledge economy, no one person can run an entire business successfully; it takes an entire team of highly-skilled individuals to work together to bring a company to a high level of performance. Whitman's approach allowed her to grow eBay from startup to large corporation, by emphasizing building the right team and giving them the resources that they need to help the organization meet its objectives. Whitman believes that empowering people, and working with them on a personal basis, is the best way to do this. This approach is almost like servant leadership in that way.

A further strength of Whitman at this point is her experience. The top job at a company as large and iconic as HP is a serious matter, and it takes a highly-experienced CEO to do something with that job. That HP was having some struggles and had gone through a succession of useless leaders in recent years prior to Whitman's arrival only added to the need for a steady hand. Whitman was able to bring that, based on her extensive experience as a CEO. Further, her work with eBay gave her a good feel for how to run an innovative technology-based company. Working with that sort of business in particular can have unique challenges for a CEO who has never really seen it, so Whitman's specific experience in tech makes her a great candidate for the HP job.

Whitman has not experienced any major professional failures that would reveal weaknesses. If she had three glaring weaknesses, nobody would entrust her to run a company as large as HP. HP, however, is such a challenge that if Whitman has any major weaknesses they will surely be revealed in this posting.


The quality that contributes the most to Whitman's success thus far has been her ability to build teams and get the most out of them. In her career, Whitman has enjoyed the most success during her 15-year run with eBay. She grew the company, and to do this not only did she need vision (and a rapidly growing industry) but she also needed to be able to put teams together that were good enough. Her ability to build these teams and give them the tools that they needed to succeed is precisely why eBay became the company it did. Now, her role with HP is similar. She needs to rebuild the organization around the business as it currently exists today.


Communication and collaboration influence group dynamics. Whitman seeks to be a facilitator. She encourages participation and honest communication, both of which will allow the managers of the organization to work with each other towards a common goal. In a sense, Whitman's approach is to cut out the politics that often define and influence how organizations communicate.

Whitman does maintain strong central control, however. While she allows for others within the organization to make strong contributions to decisions and to the daily work within the organization, these functions are essentially disconnected from actual political power. Whitman delegates political power evenly, but mainly to avoid having an organization that is too decentralized to succeed. Politics, again, is something Whitman seeks to reduce in terms of influence on the organization.

The organizational dynamics under Whitman must also be free-flowing. Whitman works in rapidly-changing industries where companies need to be able to respond quickly to change in order to thrive. Thus, she needs to have some decentralized decision-making, but within a context that prevents managers from accumulating too much power. In essence, if she is allowing them to make decisions and run divisions, they are well aware that this power comes by her decree.

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