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¶ … Tokugawa period in Japanese history [...] life as a member of the Craftsman class during Tokugawa period, and answer some questions regarding life and the culture of the time. Craftsman of the Tokugawa period were certainly not the highest caste in Japanese society, but they enjoyed some respect in society, especially if they were especially skilled craftsmen, such as carpenters or blacksmiths.

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My life as a craftsman in Japan during the Tokugawa period is difficult, but certainly much better than some of the other citizens of Japan during the time. We are seen as the third and forth levels of Japanese society, with the fourth level being the merchants, but we are often quite similar to the merchants, and some people might find it difficult to tell us apart in our lives and works. One reason for this is because many craftsmen, in order to ply their trades, actually begin working for merchant houses, rather than working for themselves, and so, the merchant and the craftsman often blend. However, I instead ply my trade for myself, I do not work for a merchant directly. I am a blacksmith, and I make fine, sharp swords. Much of my work goes to the castle of my feudal lord the "daimy?," but much also goes to the rich residents of my town, for my swords are popular and well made. I have some competition, for there are at least three other blacksmiths in my town, but mine is of the best quality, and most residents are willing to pay more for my product, so I enjoy some success in my reputation and stability. I have a workshop where I create the finest, sharpest blades, and I employ an apprentice and a shaft-maker who creates the handles for spears and other weapons. My apprentice will stay with me when he completes his training, as he is a good man and we work well together. He does fine metalwork in shears and knives, and I am happy to have him as an apprentice. We wear the sacred ceremonial dress when we forge the swords in my shop, for they are sacred weapons going to be used by the highest caste in our country, the samurai, and so, they must be perfect, and the gods must smile on their blades.

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A live with the other blacksmiths in our own area of town. We are friends when we are not at our forges, and I suspect the Shogun likes the arrangement because he has more control over all of us. My business is happily profitable because there are many warriors in my town, who wear the accustomed two swords, and many come to me because they highly regard my craftsmanship and knowledge. However, my first and foremost goal in what I do is to serve my lord, and I know that if I serve him well, he will provide for me, and for my family. He always come first in my life, then I take care of my parents, and finally my family.

We as a family are not extravagant, but we have enough food to eat and enough clothes on our backs. We live in a cedar house with paper walls and woven mats on the floor. We live a quiet existence, but we do enjoy attending the "bon" festival and the "f-ry?" dances in the summer, when the people all dress in their finery and there is much singing and dancing. My wife and children love these festivals, and look forward to them each year, when my wife creates new outfits for herself and the children to wear. The children enjoy the many puppet-shows that travel across the country and stop often in our town.

My business is successful, and my reputation is good in my town, but life would not be life without worries and concerns. I try to make the best, most beautiful swords, and to create a fine blade takes time, and yet, I am rewarded only for the length of my sword, rather than the decoration and fine craftsmanship that goes into its' creation. This is because there are laws that govern what I can charge for my creations, and it is true, a man will never get rich when there are such laws. Some of my customers are dishonest and do not pay me,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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