Memory Enhancement and Exercise Term Paper

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Memory Enhancement and Exercise:

A comparison of a press release and a scientific article

According to a recent press release issued by the Georgia Institute of Technology, resistance exercises (i.e. lifting weight) can boost memory. The article summarizes a study which indicated that as little as 20 minutes additional exercise can enhance long-term memory, at least in healthy young adults. The press release describes the study as involving an experimental and control group gazing at a series of photos. The experimental group was asked to then work out on an exercise machine involving extension and contraction of their legs; the control group had their legs passively removed. The experimental group showed better recollection of the photographs.

The 'take home' message of the press release is less a scientific discussion of the study or a critique but rather a useful summary of the information for a casual reader looking for information to enhance his or her health. The study is presented in brief form to convince the reader of its accuracy and to suggest that the reader might find this to be a beneficial aspect of exercise for him or herself. It is also noted that this specific type of weight lifting is not needed to enhance memory: squats or even less intense forms of exercise would likely have a similar enhancing function for memory. Broad generalizations about exercise and the types of memories helped by the experiment are made but the reader is likely looking for information that will help him or herself in his or her own life, rather than applying strict scientific scrutiny to the process.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Memory Enhancement and Exercise Assignment

It may be somewhat questionable if such a broad generalization about all types of exercise can be derived from this memory exercise: for example, will all types of exercises be intense enough to generate such benefits? Does the exercise have to be after or can it occur before committing something to memory? Will it vary depending on how well-adapted the person is to exercise? All of these questions go unanswered. In contrast, the scientific study on which the press release is based provides more of a past context, beginning with a literature review. Greater support is provided for the generalization about memory and exercise from previous research. "Single bouts of aerobic exercise after learning can also produce episodic memory improvements in young adults. For example, performance on recall tests (Labban & Etnier, 2011; Salas, Minakata, & Kelemen, 2011), face -- name matching (Griffin et al., 2011), and paired associates learning (Nanda, Balde, & Manjunatha, 2013; Schmidt-Kassow et al., 2013; Winter et al., 2007) improve following a single bout of moderate aerobic exercise" (Weinberg et al. 2014: 13). However (which is not noted in the press release) it is also added that extremely intense exercise can impair memory, according to some studies (Weinberg et al. 2014: 13). This is an important caveat even for the lay reader wishing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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