Men Are More Likely Than Women to Desire a Long-Term Relationship Thesis

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Revelations from "Men Seeking Women" Personal Ads

Men and women are different.

Not better or worse just different...'

Allan and Barbara Pease

Pears, 2003, para. 2)

Letter of Intent

Desire for a Long-Term Relationship

Do more men prefer no-strings attached (NSA) relationships or long-term relationships (LTR) more?

Contrary to the contemporary image of single bachelor, content to live alone, Alice Wyllie (2007), staff writer for the Scotsman, purports: "it seems men would rather be in a secure relationship than playing the field." (para. 5) the title Wyllie (2007) utilized for her article: "Men can't live without love" reflects the contention of Penny Conway, a spokesperson for that men prefer to be in a LTR more than women. Conway argues that even though women do like being in a relationship with a man, they can be more content with being single than men. (Wyllie, 2007) Generally, when one long-term relationship ends, females have friends and family members to surround them. Men, however, frequently isolate themselves from this type of support and instead, seek to begin a new long-term relationship.

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One report from a study of 15,000 people across Europe by the online dating service, found that "men were more dissatisfied by their single status than women." (para 10) in light of this contention, this his researcher intends to utilize personal ads as an avenue to explore the consideration that males placing these particular ads more likely desire long-term relationships than females who post and/or respond to personal ads. The intended report proposes to confirm the hypothesis: When men place classified ads, their ads reveal they more likely desire long-term relationships than women who place personal ads.

Thesis on Men Are More Likely Than Women to Desire a Long-Term Relationship Assignment

Despite differences which will be presented during the course of this proposed research effort, as Allan and Barbara Pease (Pears, 2003, para. 2) note at the start of this letter of intent, neither men or women our better than the other sex, they are merely different. Buss (1999) notes some differences in answering the two questions: "What do women want? And "What do men want?" Buss (1999) contends that the answer to for the riddle of all ages, what women want adds up to: "Resources and commitment. Resources and commitment. Resources and commitment." What women desire, he purports, includes, but may not be limited to:

Economic capacity (Richer women like even richer men.)

Social status (That's why all those senators are always featured in lurid headlines.)

Age (Actually, on average women only want a man about 3 years older.)

Ambition and Industriousness

Dependability and Stability


Compatibility (This does not seem to directly indicate either resources or commitment. Rather, this suggests the potential for both parties to successfully sustain the relationship.)

Size and strength (Yes, women like tall men.)

Good health

Love-Love is the most valued characteristic in a partner for both women and men.

Kindness (a code word for commitment.)

Sincerity (Another code word for commitment.) (Buss,1999)

To the answer to the question "What do men want?," Buss (1999) contends the answer to the Reproductive capacity and fidelity, and include, but not be limited to:



Attractive body shape-in particular, a low waist to hip ratio. (Buss,1999)

Research Considerations

This researcher contends the topic relating the message men's motives reveal proves to be significant as this topic has prevailed since the beginning of time and will continue until its end. Books and articles are written and published regarding this core of this subject (the relationship between Men and women). Songs are written and sung about the core of this subject (the relationship between men and women). Repeated studies are conducted exploring the relationship between men and women, along with the desires they possess and profess regarding their relationships. This researcher chose this particular question as it constitutes both a universal and personal interest. Answering this research will enhance the understanding of desires men possess and profess in personal ads. Men and women of all ages (from teens to those in their nineties) will be interested in reading answers this research presents.

Dependent and Independent Variables

The dependent variable "desire for a long-term relationship," includes the following categories:

personal ads with desire for a long-term relationships and personal ads with desire for relationships that are not long-term.

The independent variable for this study effort, "gender," with includes the classifications:

male, and female.

Considerations which will be explored and noted during the course of the intent is study will include the following factors to be noted in the ads:

Physical attractiveness


Relationship preference

These components will be denoted by the accompanying codes: 01; 01; 03:

The following reflects one example:

Physical attractiveness

01 physical attractiveness in a partner is important. Assign this code if the ad indicates a desire for partners who are "physically fit," "handsome," etc.

02 physical attractiveness in a partner is unimportant. Assign this code if 03 don't know/can't tell." (Guidelines, 2008)

The primary sources researcher intends to draw the potential ad sampling from, which served as a source this researcher used for this letter of intent will be Craiglist

http://[insertnameoftown] international online listing includes a variety of characterizations including, but not limited to:

Strictly platonic

Men seeking women

Women seeking Men

Craigslist, Inc. provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, and advice through its Website. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in San Francisco, California. It has operations in the United States, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, the Americas, Canada, Asia, and Europe. (Craigslist, Inc., 2008)

The potential sampling frames this researcher examined appeared to confirm this researcher's hypothesis. Readership demographics, this researcher proposes, would include teens through adults of all ages, which imply that demographics of classified ad writers in this source are not confined to one particular age group. Compared to classified ad writers in general this particular category draws a greater readership. Even individuals in the general public who may not post or respond to one of the personal ads would likely read at times, due to human interest value. This researcher contends that a sample drawn from this source will not likely to affect the generalizability or reliability of your results. This ads' source compared to another source for personal ants, such as a hard copy of a newspaper, would not be as productive for research nor for accessibility for reader.

Part II: Personal Classified Ads

The actual sampling frame this researcher intends to it utilize for the intended study, as noted earlier in this proposal we'll be retrieved from Craigslist. The methodology used to collect the sample will be, in a sense, a review of the literature (personal ads) from at least five different geographical locations.

The intended frame will include samplings from ages ranging from:

Samplings will be retrieved from both Men Seeking Women and Women Seeking Men categories. From the sampling this researcher retrieved (presented in Part III), this researcher initially reviewed more than 40 personal ads to select a sampling of the seven shown in Part III.

Several of the ads this researcher started to consider were not accessible, as they had been "Flagged" for removal by a previous viewer. The reason most likely for an ad being flagged and removed would be it contained offensive material.

The following introduces the Platonic section of Craigslist:

Unless all of the following points are true, please use your "back" button to exit this part of craigslist:

I am at least 18 years old.

A understand "strictly platonic" may include miscategorized personals ads.

I agree to flag as "prohibited" anything illegal or in violation of the craigslist terms of use.

I agree to report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities.

By clicking on the links below, I release craigslist from any liability that may arise from my use of this site.

The following relates tags for viewers to review in a current Men Seeking Women list (locations removed):

Mr. Lonely - 31 - pic

Watching TV - 37 lookin for a good woman - 19 spontaneous/generous/great smile&great laugh/Energetic/easy going guy. - 23 -) pic

Looking for someone fun to go out with tomorrow night.... - 27 - pic

One Boy + One Girl = hope? - 37

Fishing buddy - 30

Looking for a good time -for real - 27 - pic

Gentleman here. - 25

Ladies, (no men please!!) looking for a good man?

- 32 - pic


If you are not happy but a curious and wanting person for some change. - pic

Model Wanted - 26 - pic

Happy Halloween! - 37 - pic

Marriage turned platonic seeks same or single woman - 45

Part III: Sampling of Personal Classified Ads

Sampling of Personal Ads from Craigslist

M4W: On the rebound and looking for Ms. right - 20

Look ladies I just want a happy home, marriage and family.

M4W: Looking to relocate for the right country girl

Hi, I'm new to this but... I want a faithful… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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