Men-Women Interpersonal Communication Term Paper

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For women, these actions could be interpreted as being ignorance to the partner's feeling, and refusal to the devoted attention that women give to their partner.

DeAngelis (2001) said, "Men see women trying to contribute or get organized or plan or problem-solve, and misinterpret it as women's attempt to control them." She explained that women often want equal partnership in the relationship. It means that they would want to share their opinion when their partner has a problem, because women want "to be involved." It is not necessarily to take part in making the decision, but women require the partner to see them around to show that "they are not alone."

In some improper occasions, men could not take this generous offer as help. In some problems, or perhaps in most problems, they need to show themselves that they are capable enough to solve things without asking for assistance from other people, especially from the women partner. They are supposed to help women, not in the opposite situation. As a result, most men would feel offended and make general opinion that women like to be in charge of their partner.

Women need to show their compassion, as well as men need to take care of things on their own, unfortunately both needs do not comply with each other. Men would see women's need as a threat to their powerful manner, while women see men's reluctance as a rude intention to get them away from the partnership of the relationship.

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This is an important aspect that many men think they need to clarify in a relationship. The more daily associations they have - that for women means a more secure relationship - the more men feel the need to declare some boundaries of "controlling" factor they need to make a good relationship.

The Difference in Message-Delivery Methods

Term Paper on Men-Women Interpersonal Communication Both Men Assignment

Woodall (1993) also underlined that men and women have the different ways of thinking. It seems that the separate ways also result in the difference nature of conducting communication and delivering messages. The high demand of independency of the way men handle a problem seems to be different from what women think they need. Men could think about an important matter - something that involves making big decisions - on his way. He would analyze the problem, consider the advantages and disadvantages of his choices, or conduct a survey by himself and then comes up with a decision without informing his partner when the process is taking place. For example, buying a property or make a career change.

For women, such issue could be something matters. Women tend to invest more time for more serious discussion about such problems, like inviting advices from other people, especially the partner. Women would not let it slip out without asking the partner's opinion; therefore they could make a fair decision together.

Cole (2002) also addressed this issue in her article at BBC Health News. The different ways of communication were not merely a gender-related estimation that is often declared in debated, but studies proved the communication gap that happens between genders.

The nature of women brings an outspoken, or perhaps talkative manners; therefore they often show what is going on in their mind at a time, and make statement about what they are thinking, and what they plan to do. Women usually deliver clear messages to show to their partners in conversation about what they want in words and body language. The process of thinking is considered as important as the "final words" that women tend to express them too, for every step they would take before making decision.

On the other hand, men would find it confusing. Although they also undergo the same process in making a decision or declaring a statement, they do not work under articulate manners. Most men think in their men, avoid stating the process or reasons when they are thinking to decide things, and keep quiet, letting the mind wanders in silence. For men, stating out every calculation and interpretation is not important at all, then they tend to find an exact answer on what they want to say and say it.

This is why, Cole stated, "men often mistake women's thought as the 'final answer', while women [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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