Essay: Mental Health Resources in Riverside Community in California State

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Mental Health

Riverdale, CA: Mental health services

Riverdale, California offers a number of services to assist individuals coping with mental difficulties. One of the most notable aspects of Riverdale's approach to mental illness is its specificity. Programs are targeted to address the unique needs of subpopulations dealing with mental illness. This reflects the fact that although mental illness may strike any demographic, generational, socioeconomic and psychological concerns of different groups require special attention.

One of Riverdale's most noteworthy efforts is devoted to helping the incarcerated. Individuals suffering from mental illnesses may fall afoul of the law and prisoners often need the support of Mental Health services. Detention Mental Health Services of Riverdale is "a mental health response team available to address life-threatening situations such as suicidal ideation or attempts in the jails. All referred individuals receive a mental health evaluation to determine the presence of a psychiatric problem and identify the services required. Medication services are provided as needed. Follow up mental health referrals for outpatient services are [also] provided" (Detention Mental Health, 2010, Riverdale).

This reflects the philosophy that helping individuals through the difficult process of navigating a mental illness fosters a prisoner's rehabilitation and recovery. Prison is not a purely punitive place for the mentally ill -- even while prisoners are paying their debt to society, the penal system must take an active interest in healing those who are mentally and emotionally unwell. However, some may criticize this program for its lack of emphasis on drug treatment, given the problem of substance abuse amongst the Prison population. Additionally, by focusing only on people who 'act out,' such as suicidal individuals, other prisoners who might benefit from counseling and Medication but suffer from low-grade but still debilitating minor depression might go untreated.

Dealing with an emotionally disturbed child may be one of the most difficult challenges any parent may face. Given… [END OF PREVIEW]

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