Mexican distilled beverages Research Paper

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· Position Azul as a top shelf global brand of premium vodka, transforming the name into a household word.

· Inform bartenders, mixologists, and specialty liquor stores in target markets about the range of uses for Azul, and especially about the story of Azul being a quintessentially Mexican product that is made from ethically sourced Monterrey potatoes.

· Tell the Azul story through multiple media channels, without veering from the core messages of the PR campaign.


· Write a case study biography of the product, telling a story about the business. Adapt the case study/biography for various media sources and audiences, including industry and trade publications as well as consumer magazines.

· Share our story with Drinks International, The Spirits Business, Beverage Industry, The Drinks Business, and other critical industry publications.

· Share our story at industry conferences, requesting specifically that Zapata will speak personally to the trade industry.

· Develop a cohesive social media and content marketing campaign with unified messages and language used to engage consumers.

· Work with select food and drink media, including magazines and periodicals, top bloggers, and television shows specializing in food, drink, and travel. Examples include Food & Drink, Wine Conoisseur, Conde Nast Travel, and New York Times (both food and travel sections).

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· Invite superstars in the food/beverage sector to do a television episode showing how Azul is made. Cover the farmers whose families have grown the potatoes for generations, showcase the beautiful interior of the distillery, and show how the bottles are filled and distributed lovingly.

· Cultivate a team of brand ambassadors who will lead events at the hippest bars in target cities including Milan, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal.


Research Paper on Mexican distilled beverages case study Assignment

The audiences will be segmented into two main groups: industry/trade and consumer public. Those two main groups will be broken down as follows:


· Hospitality and Travel Sector

· Food and Drink Service Sector

· Alcohol Retail Sector

Consumer Public:

· North America (USA and Canada)

· Europe

· High income and/or upwardly mobile professionals

· Hipsters/trendsetters

· Foodies/Craft spirit enthusiasts

Timeline of Action

1-2 weeks: Schedule Zapata for speaking events at drink industry conferences for appearances over the next year. Solidify the social media and content marketing team, which will develop the “voice” of Azul and maintain continuity of content among various social media and formal media publications. Write the biography/case study of Azul, and finalize copy to share with industry.

2-4 weeks: Collaborate with industry insiders and trade publications, issuing press releases first. Then, work with established drinks writers and bloggers to compose quality journalistic pieces detailing the Zapata/Azul story for publication in major media outlets including New York Times, but also in-flight magazines, and food and drink magazines.

4-6 weeks: By now, the buzz should be building. Now is the time to send brand ambassadors only to premium liquor stores, and to have brand ambassadors lead events in key cities in target markets including Milan, Berlin, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

6-8 weeks: Assess the PR strategy and make adjustments as needed.

8-10 weeks: Now is the time to work with food and drink celebrities on the food and travel networks. Develop the Azul story with directors and videographers who can document the painstaking process of cultivating Azul from the ground up. Profile the family, the community, and the product. Incorporate outtakes of the video shoots into social media.

Further Comments and Recommendations

To stick to the $600,000 budget, and to appeal to the broadest possible consumer base abroad, the use of celebrity endorsers will not be necessary. If a celebrity does wish to be associated with the brand, the selection of that individual must be delicately chosen, someone who is well respected in the arts community. Even without any celebrity attached to the brand, Azul can be easily positioned with panache to a target audience that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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